Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Understanding how mind and Aether are connected

I've been posting to the list recently.
Here is a post that extrapolates philosophical information from the
Aether Physics Model.

>>> Dave: The philosophers will probably benefit from reading
chapter 12, first. Chapter 12 is entitled "Philosophy" and
interprets the Aether Physics Model in terms of "reality" and "God."
Then as you read the book you'll tend to understand the importance of
the concepts being presented from the philosophical view.<<<

> How about sharing some of your ideas here? I am interested in your

I've shared a lot of the ideas already. A lot of the philosophy
hinges on understanding the quantum nature of the Universe. It hasn't
really set in with me before just how much new fundamental information
the theory had developed.

For example, we normally think of our reality as being 3 dimensions of
length (space) and one dimension of time. But according to the Aether
Physics Model, there are 3 dimensions of length (space) and two
dimensions of frequency. At the quantum level, time is an oscillation
that goes forward and backward in time, in one quantum moment. In
addition, it goes forward and backward in two dimensions of frequency.
It is the frequency dimension, squared, which curves space.

Subatomic "particles", (I call them onta when plural and onn when
singular), make up all the visible physical matter in the Universe.
Your body is essentially a pile of electron and protons that have
stuck together in a unique way. These electrons and protons have a
peculiar condition called "half spin." What the half spin means is
that in a quantum moment, the electron or proton only spins half of
its total cycle. But unlike cycles as we normally know them, half
spin onta turn 360 degrees in a half cycle. They would turn 720
degrees if they turned a full spin.

According to the Aether Physics Model, electrons and protons can only
move in the forward half of the frequency cycle. So all quantum
matter turns half way (360 degrees) in the forward time direction in a
quantum moment. The electron and proton are not able to spin during
the reverse time portion of the cycle and they remain dormant for half

So the illusion of time is due to half spin electrons and protons
moving only in the forward direction of the frequency cycle. At the
quantum level there are actually five dimensions and they produce
space (length cubed) and resonance (frequency squared). But all we
see are space and time. The mind exists in the five dimensions of
space-resonance, but the body exists in the four dimensions of
space-time. This means the mind has the ability to traverse time, but
the body does not. This is why we can have visions of the future, or
project our mind back in time.

It really is helpful to understand the Aether, as the Aether is what
space-resonance and space-time are made of. But the Aether is more
than just space-resonance and space-time, it also has conductance,
which means it has qualities of mind. It needs to be reflected upon
much more, but it appears that Aether is a living, dynamic, life force
with its own mass consciousness (God) and that our bodies are an
attempt to capture some of that life force and exist independent from

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