Sunday, May 06, 2007

SSE 2007 Conference

I have been accepted to present the Electron Binding Energy equation at the Society for Scientific Exploration 2007 annual conference at the end of May. I will explain the structure of the EBE equation and show the latest success at predicting all the ground state electron binding energies. Not only does the equation predict all the ground state binding energies with reasonable accuracy, but it also appears to have uncovered a slight correction for the nitrogen ground state binding energy, in particular.

According to Gwyn Williams, a noted expert on electron binding energies, there are at least two experiments, which provide different binding energies than the presently accepted one. The present nitrogen grounds state is listed at 409.9eV, yet two other studies give 401.9eV and 403eV. According to my equation, the nitrogen ground state binding energy should be 403.9eV.

The SSE 2007 conference is open to the public for all who wish to attend.

After the SSE conference, I have been invited to another private conference to meet with top scientists developing the Electric Universe model. Whereas the Electric Universe model is the electric version of cosmology, the Aether Physics Model is the electric version of quantum physics. As many of you familiar with the APM know, General Relativity theory specifically has an electric counterpart in the Aether Physics Model.

Although my key registration and transportation expenses have already been paid by a generous supporter of Quantum AetherDynamics Institute, I still must raise funds for travel expenses for ten days. Anybody wishing to make a tax deductible donation to QADI may do so at, or the PayPal button on the home page.

This marks another milestone in the development of the Aether Physics Model.