Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Voyager Evidence of the Existence of Aether

In a recent press release from Binary Research Institute:

"The heliosphere, generated by the Sun, is sort of the cocoon in which the solar system rides. It has been suspected for several years that it is not spherical but more egg shaped. Voyager 1 recently reached one edge and it is estimated it will pass into interstellar space at about 12.4 billion miles from the Sun. It was recently announced that Voyager 2 has reached its more southerly edge, sooner than expected. It is now believed it will reach interstellar space at about 10.5 billion miles. This reveals that the heliosphere is not a sphere after all, but is more of a comet shape.
"According to Cal Tech's Ed Stone, the former director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a Voyager chief scientist, the shape of the bubble is determined by what is pressing on the solar system from the outside, meaning the shape and force of interstellar gases. "

Magnetic fields on Earth are not affected by the atomosphere, why would magnetic fields in space be affected by sparsely dispersed gas molecules? The only thing that affects a magnetic field is another magnetic field. Only if the interstellar gases were all magnetically aligned could they produce a net magnetic field that would interfere with the Sun's magnetic field.

"That is one explanation. Another put forth by Walter Cruttenden of the Binary
Research Institute is that local gases are fairly uniform and the shape derives
from the trajectory of the solar system through local space..."

The interstellar gases are anything but uniform, at least according to NASA.

The variation in the distance of the leading edge of the Sun's heliosphere is 15% between the two Voyager space probes. That's not the kind of change possible from a few widely scattered gas molecules.

The presence or non-presence of interstellar gases is completely irrelevant to the shape of the Sun's heliosphere (Aether fabric). The most logical explanation is that the Aether (magnetic field) associated with the solar system (namely that of the Sun) is moving through the Aether associated with our galaxy. The Voyager probes are sending us further evidence for the existence of the Aether.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Philosophical Views of the Aether

I have posted a chapter from Secrets of the Aether online on my personal views web site. This chapter from the book is an introduction into some of the philosophical questions the Aether Physics Model may answer. Tonight I also wrote a couple more pages, which are linked from the Science as Religion page. The pages are Seeing Aether and Seeing Through Aether. These two pages are meant to be read in order.

Basically, the Aether is more than just a mathematical model of space-time. It is the very fabric of space-time. Further, there is a strong link between the Aether and the property of emotions, which is quantified in the APM as conductance. According to the hypothesis presented in the theory, conductance is emotion, which is why neuroscientists can directly measure a person's emotions through conductance.

The pages I wrote today give an idea about the practical applications of an Aether theory in spiritual development. Understanding the Aether also gives us a tremendous tool for understanding the so-called "psychic" phenomena.

One's spiritual life is not separate from one's physical life. The Aether Physics Model shows how they are intimately connected. The APM also shows how physics can help us to find meaning in life.

The reason these pages are on my personal views web site is because they represent exactly that, my personal views. I don't wish to convolute the physical aspects of the theory with the philosophical aspects. Most people studying the APM will be interested only in the objective view of the theory, which means they only want to understand how physical objects are structured and how they work.

Nonetheless, I am interested in discussing the philosophical aspects of the APM with those who are interested. You can either post to or contact me through this blog.

Monday, May 01, 2006

"Trickle Up" Theory of Scientific Recognition

It is difficult working for over four years on a new quantum physics paradigm and encountering so much resistance in the form of professional jealousy and ignorant skepticism. Even though our Aether Physics Model is mathematically correct and based upon the same empirically derived constants of the Standard Model, persons qualified to judge the APM are strangely quiet in being the first to get their feet wet.

We have had many PhD physicists give us private accolades for developing a bold, fresh, and far simpler system of quantum physics. We have even had several individuals, who were bright enough to read and understand the theory, promote it on their own. But it has now come to our attention that India Daily printed an article last August incorporating key elements of our work. Of course, we are flattered, even though we did not receive credit for those key elements. And it does not bother us that UFOs and a new kind of life were thrown in. We have to start somewhere, as even the top of a mountain is reached only after taking the first step at the bottom.

We hope to see more public discussion of the Aether Physics Model as we witness the present increase in search keywords, which are unique to the theory.