Sunday, March 27, 2005

Plasma Physics

I was referred to a web site at  After reading the whole site I realized that the Aether Physics Model is a perfect physics for understand plasma physics. 
Jim Bourassa suggested that the unified charge equation (e^2 = 8pi * a * e.emax^2) might be related to Einstein's field equation (G = 8pi T).  After researching Einstein's field equation I have come to agree.  The unified charge equation is what the Einstein field equation should have been.  In Einstein's field equation he is basically saying that the space-time curvature tensor is equal to 8pi times the mass-energy tensor.  In the APM, we are saying that the spherical, one-spin electrostatic charge of the Aether is equal to the strong charge of matter (e.emax^2) times 2 (because the strong charge is half-spin) times 4pi (because the strong charge has steradian angle) times the scaling factor of the fine structure constant.  The equivalent spherical, one-spin strong charge would be much larger than the electrostatic charge, so the fine structure of the subatomic particle is the scaling factor that brings them into equality.
For those who have read Secrets of the Aether, if you also read the web site above, you'll see how the Aether Physics Model will play an important part of astrophysics in the near future.  Also, I have been able to figure out the physics for how John Hutchison's levitation anomalies work by applying the Aether Physics Model to the Electric Sun model above.  I'll write more on this later.  Today is Easter and also my mother's birthday, so I'll spend the rest of the day visiting.