Saturday, March 17, 2018

More about the Aether that isn't an Aether.

Here we are, back to scientists describing the Aether that isn't an Aether.

"...empty space isn't really empty, but instead populated with 'virtual particles.' These particles are artifacts of the fact, described by quantum mechanics, that physics is governed more by probabilities than fixed realities. Because of the small possibility that a particle might exist in any one empty point in space, that empty point in space acts as if the particle is sort of, kind of there. And those virtual particles have real effects on the world."

Since when does a mathematical probability function become a physical fact in the real Universe? What the scientists are not saying, and which the real facts allude, is that there is a very real, non-material structure to the fabric of space. Space is not a physical substance, like matter, but rather a non-material structure that gives rise to magnetic fields, electrostatic fields, and gravitational fields (all of which are non-material realities). Even the spin property of subatomic particles, and the speed limit of light are functions of the space the subatomic particles reside in.

What the scientists are close to discovering is that black holes are not physical objects such as the much touted super massive black holes, but rather black holes are regions near the centers of galaxies where the structure of space collapses, and visible matter is converted to dark matter. And yes, space can become (and is) polarized in such a way as to prevent the entire galaxy from unraveling.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here’s what our telescopes actually capture. - Vox

Astrophysicists believe the only viable explanation for black holes is that there has to be a super massive, highly condensed piece of matter hidden in space.

This is not the only explanation, and neither is it the best explanation. The best explanation is that at the centers of galaxies space is unraveling. Space has structure, which is quantifiable, as I have shown in Secrets of the Aether. When space becomes too dense, it just unravels, and it unravels any matter that is within it. The unraveled matter converts from visible matter to dark matter, and radiates outward from the center of the galaxy as neutrinos.

Think of a large bathtub with a drain. As the water goes down the drain, all the other water in the tub migrates toward the drain. If there is something floating in the water, it may get close to the vortex of the drain, and be shot back out before actually heading straight into the vortex at a later time. This gives the appearance of being gravitationally attracted toward the vortex. You can imagine the vortex of a bathtub as having imaginary mass and design a whole set of equations to explain the action of the vortex in terms of Newton's gravitational laws. But this would be nothing more than an imaginary exercise, even though the math will work.

There are no super massive black bodies in the centers of galaxies. There is a drain of space, and every star is migrating toward the drain, which explains the inward spiral nature of galaxies and the observed behavior of stars "orbiting" the center.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

They are still trying to detect gravitational waves using interferometers.

More money wasted and more disappointments on the way. This observatory is supposed to detect gravitational waves by measuring minute fluctuations in laser beams shooting over long distances. The gravitational waves are said to be ripples in the fabric of space-time, however, modern physics denies that space-time has structure that can ripple. If it did, it would fit the description of the Aether, which mainstream academia emphatically denies.

The interferometer won't work because the space the laser beam is moving through, as well as the laser beam, will both ripple at the same time. It is like trying to knock a cowboy off his horse in a movie shown on a flexible screen TV by flexing the screen.

In order to detect gravitational waves, the detector has to be a large magnetic field with magnetic flux lines stressed to the breaking point. When a gravitational wave comes through, it would break the magnetic flux lines. The more flux lines broken, the more intense the gravitational wave.

Magnetic fields can detect gravitational waves because they actually exist in a five dimensional space-resonance coordinate system, which is the true coordinate system of the "fabric of space-time." Space-time is a subset of space-resonance and only has four dimensions.

Physical matter exists in space-time, but not in space-resonance. Only photons and magnetic fields exist in all five dimensions, which are length cubed by frequency squared (resonance). Similarly, a movie exists in area-time while the audience exists in space-time. If someone existing in area-time tried to build an interferometer, it could never reach out to detect space-time any more than an interferometer in space-time can detect movement in space-resonance.

The incredibly redundant article below appears to be nothing more than a press release explaining why millions of dollars was spent. The science is worthless.

Dense star clusters shown to be binary black hole factories: Study predicts observatories to detect more merging black holes than previously thought -- ScienceDaily:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Evidence of matter being contained in space!

One of the important revelations of the Aether Physics Model is that visible physical matter is a product of Aether and dark matter. Aether is the structure of space; it is not merely empty, but is a five dimensional vortex having the unit of "rotating magnetic field." Strings of mass, known in physics as neutrinos and dark matter, become encapsulated in an Aether vortex to become subatomic particles such as electrons and protons.

The fact that photons, which are inverted electrons expanding outward at the speed of photons, share the same quantum hall effect behavior with electrons indicates they share a common structure. This structure is caused by the space in which photons and electrons reside, which is the Aether. In fact, most of the electron structure is the Aether, itself, which is why there are relatively vast spaces between subatomic particles.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound | News Room - The Ohio State University

Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound | News Room - The Ohio State University

The topic of phonons is interesting from an Aether perspective. Phonons are considered to be similar to photons in that phonons are to sound (and heat) as photons are to radio waves.

Phonons and photons are both seen as "massless" particles that carry momentum. When talking about massless particles carrying momentum, scientists are describing the qualities of absolute space, or Aether.

Magnetic fields are another example of structured Aether. Magnetic fields have no substance in the sense of physical matter, and yet they readily act on physical matter and other magnetic fields. The scientists at Ohio State University are learning that magnetic fields (which are structures of Aether) can affect individual units of Aether (phonons).

It is amusing to watch the deniers of Aether continually discover the properties of Aether and its practical uses in physics.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Geophysicists Discover How Rocks Produce Magnetic Pulses — The Physics arXiv Blog — Medium

Geophysicists Discover How Rocks Produce Magnetic Pulses 

The "electron pair holes" and "positive holes" described in semiconductor physics and mentioned in the above article is just another way of discussing Aether.

In order for a "hole" or "empty space" to possess charge, that space must have structure and obey mechanical laws. Such a structure can hardly be called non-existent or imaginary. It is a very real structure even if it is non-material in nature.

In several areas of physics, the existence of Aether is denied despite the observations of magnetic fields, electrostatic fields, gravitational fields, frame dragging, positive holes, electron pair holes, solitons, space-time curvature, and numerous other measurable phenomena.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Double Flares May Offer Insights to Tunneling

The article, Double Flare, on is an interesting story and I believe it offers insight into what happens with magnetism at the quantum scale.

Just as two sunspots can be connected by a seemingly invisible magnetic loop, magnetic structures at all scales can connect in similar ways.

In the Aether Physics Model, I show a simplified structural model for a quantum of space (Aether unit) and also for quantum particles such as the electron and proton. Aether units are essentially perpetual, dynamic rotating magnetic fields. The rotating magnetic field manifests as a tube of magnetic flux. These magnetic flux tubes can form macro structures, similar to water molecules forming oceans.

Further, tubes of magnetic flux can stretch over great distances causing various magnetic structures to be connected. To some degree, all things throughout the Universe are magnetically connected but at various magnitudes.

Certain systems, such as a human body, likely have very rich magnetic connections among its parts even if the magnetic fields are relatively weak compared to other magnetic fields. The magnetism need not manifest as a single coherent magnetic field such as in a permanent magnet or sunspot connections, but biomagnetism could exist as a network of much weaker magnetic fields. Each cell in the body, and each molecule in each cell, is likely in communication with and connected to each other, much like the sunspots on the Sun.

I like how the article starts, "Long ago researchers thought solar flares were isolated events." This is another way of saying, "Mainstream science had it wrong just ten years ago." There is nothing bad about being wrong, but it is another reminder that mainstream science paradigms have a long way to go before they can be considered accurate models of reality.