Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Doctor Visit

Today I had my much anticipated visit with my surgeon.  The x-rays showed a minor amount of bone growth at the bottom of the tibia, but the fracture was largely unchanged.  No obvious sign of bone growth has occurred where it is needed most.
Today I also got a better understanding of the fracture.  When the bone broke, chunks of bone went into the marrow and other pieces were crushed like an aluminum can.  There are large gaps between several pieces of bone.  This may not be the type of fracture for magnetism to work, or magnets just don't heal bone. 
But since I have two more weeks before the doctor will do make the next move, I'll try the magnet again, but with the south pole up instead of the north pole.  It has been said in the literature that sometimes the south pole should be used instead of the north pole, depending on the person.  It can't hurt to try it.
With regard to the book, Secrets of the Aether, we have a press release prepared and ready to hit the wires tomorrow.  A copy of the press release has been posted to the Secrets of the Aether mailing list:

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Jeff O said...


Don't place your faith in the magnets to heal you. Place your faith in God. In what you believe determines the success of your healing. Still use the magnets but use them as a catalyst of Gods will.