Thursday, September 28, 2006

Electron Binding Energy Equation

Last night, I finally succeeded in developing the electron binding energy equation for the 1s orbitals of all the atomic elements. This is a major milestone in the Aether Physics Model, as it is our first completed equation showing quantum mechanics in our new and improved model of quantum physics.

The equation was derived using the principles and equations already developed in the Aether Physics Model. This has strongly raised my hopes that the nuclear binding energy and atomic spectral equations will soon follow. Now that I understand the geometry of subatomic binding in atoms, it is just a matter of time before a complete and unequivacal model of quantum structure is known to the world.

Today, I have started writing the paper, which will be submitted to various journals. I'll keep you informed of the progress.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Infinite Energy Magazine Article

I just received my proof copy of Infinite Energy Magazine volume 12, issue 69. The editors did a fine job of presenting our paper, A New Foundation for Physics. However, I was much more pleased with the other articles and authors in the magazine.

The article immediately preceeding ANFP was written by Dr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney, a very qualified physicist and mathematician from MIT. Her article is titled, "Is Optical Detection of Linear Velocity Possible?" She systematically reveals four specific experiments, which do not support Einstein's Special Relativity Theory, and also points out a valid complaint about Einstein specifically excluding acceleration of the coordinate system from his theory. By excluding acceleration, he excluded the rotation of the coordinate system, which means that any experiment performed on the surface of the Earth is effectively disqualified, thus making SRT untestable.

What is really exciting is that Dr. Whitney's article primes the reader's interest in an Aether theory, which is followed immediately by the Aether Physics Model.

I am even more excited by the fact that I personally discussed the Aether Physics Model briefly with Dr. Whitney at the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory conference in London, last week. I had no idea her article would precede our article in the same issue. In her presentation at the conference, she mentioned a decades old hypothesis that the photon always maintains a connection to its source. The Aether Physics Model reveals this exact same photon structure, that the photon always remains connected to its source, and this connection is quantified by the Compton function of 1-cos(theta).

I really have to hand it to Christy Frazier, the managing editor of Infinite Energy Magazine, for putting together a well synchronized issue.

I'm now looking forward to reading the rest of the magazine. BTW, the magazine's web site is

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PIRT Conference a Success

We thank Dr. M.C. Duffy for inviting us to the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory conference to present our paper, A New Foundation for Physics. More than 50 engineers, physicists, and chemists presented their own papers. Several of the papers presented related in some way to the Aether Physics Model, and we are following up by studying these papers in greater detail.

For some reason, the papers of all the physicists were not made available before the conference. This made it somewhat difficult for us to prepare for other's presentations, and others to prepare for ours. However, due to some last minute networking, we managed to find several scientists interested in looking further into the Aether Physics Model. These scientists, in turn, have put us in contact with yet others who have been working along similar theories.

In addition, our paper will be published with the conference proceedings, which will allow future researchers to further investigate the theory.

It is only fair to say that not everybody was interested in the Aether Physics Model. One scientist refused to even discuss the theory with me, simply because I did not have a degree. It was a stark reminder that some scientists are just as prejudiced in person, as they are on the Internet. But such trivial setbacks are meaningless when 12 others listened with interest. Perhaps others would have shown more interest in the theory if it weren't for the language barriers.

Still, we would have been delighted to have just one person show deep interest. To have 12 scientists show interest was very good.

We are now busy following up on all the new knowledge we encountered, and also actively discussing the theory with several qualified scientists. Stay tuned for new developments.

Monday, September 04, 2006

We're Going to London!

Jim Bourassa and I have been invited to speak at the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) conference in London this week. The conference is held at Imperial College, runs from September 8 - 11, and includes dozens of Relativity scientists from around the world. According to the PIRT brochure, the purpose of the conference is:

"The object of the conference is to examine physical theories, models, and interpretations of the accepted Relativistic Formal Structure, including recently proposed ether-type theories and analogues. It is intended to review the fruitfulness of orthodox Relativity, as developed from the Einstein-Minkowski formulation, and to suggest how history and philosophy of science clarify the relationship between the accepted relativistic formal structure and the various physical interpretations associated with it."

Our presentation will outline the highlights of the Aether Physics Model as explained in our white paper, A New Foundation for Physics. It includes a PowerPoint presentation and brochure, which we intend to distribute before the talk.

Jim and I are very grateful for being invited and believe we will deliver exactly what physicists have been looking for, even if it isn't what the mainstream wanted to see.

Those who have been following the development of the Aether Physics Model, know we have quantified the structure of space-time as Aether from the same empirically derived constants used by modern physics. We also have quantified matter, itself. And to complete our physical Theory of Everything, we have also unified all the forces into a simple, Newtonian type Unified Force Theory.

We will be making history as we present to the scientific community the final fundamental theory of how physical matter began. The Aether Physics Model ties together all the previous fundamental discoveries and adds the remaining, and previously missing, strong force laws.

We also explain that General Relativity has an electrical analog, in addition to the mechanical analog presented by Albert Einstein. General Relativity does not supersede Sir Isaac Newton's gravitational law, but quantifies the effects of stretched space-time, which is caused by nuclear binding. Condensed nuclear binding is directly the cause of high mass density, which corresponds to the stretching of the fabric of space-time (Aether).

We are looking forward to exchanging ideas and making new contacts with the esteemed physicsists, mathematicians, and philosophers who will be in attendance.