Monday, April 15, 2013

A second Higgs boson? Physicists debate new particle

It seems that every month there is someone trying to baffle the world with bullshit with regard to science.  Whether it be about the latest energy field tunneling through the (name a scientist) plasma causing black holes to emerge dark matter particles, or dark matter energy fields flowing through the (name a scientist) plasma induced black holes, or the black hole plasma field of the (name a scientist) field causing dark matter particles, people seem to soak it up as though they understand it because Joe Schmoe understands it.

Here is the latest nonsense being served in the mass media:
Physicists confirmed in March that a new particle discovered at the world's largest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is, in fact, the Higgs boson. This particle, which weighs about 126 times the mass of a proton, appears to fit the Standard Model of physics, the dominant theory of particle physics. In this model, the Higgs boson is related to the Higgs field, an energy field that pervades space and is thought to imbue many particles with mass. The thinking goes that just as swimmers would get wet moving through a pool, as particles move through the Higgs field they would gain mass.
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The usual Higgs nonsense about an invisible particle with 126 times the mass of the proton was discovered by a 10 billion dollar science experiment leads the reader to discover that there may be up to five flavors of these massive and invisible particles.  Presumably, these theoretical particles are just in reach of our understanding if we can spend just X billion dollars more.

This certainly ranks among the biggest frauds in humanity.  Not only does this science make no sense (as does most of modern fundamental physics), but it is blatantly obvious that the scientists are seeing whatever they need to see in order to keep the paychecks flowing.

The idea that a massless thing gains mass by moving through an empty space of mass is an obvious logical fallacy.  To begin with, a massless thing can have no momentum to displace something with mass.  The idea that mass is something that moves at all is also a fallacy since mass is a property of something, just as is length.  To illustrate this, hold up two fingers in front of you.  The distance between those two fingers has length.  The length is measurable even if there is no physical object between the fingers.  Length is a property, not a physical thing.

Mass is a property.  Mass gives matter its momentum, but matter is not mass and mass is not matter.  Mass is a non-material idea.  There is no imaginary or real particle that gives a thing its mass.  It simply is.  The idea of the Higgs Boson is a fairy tale ... a fantasy.  There is no particle or field that gives anything the property of mass.

The proton certainly does not get its mass from something 126 times greater in magnitude than itself.  What do the scientists say happens to the rest of the 125 parts of the Higgs Boson?  Why is something of greater magnitude harder to see than something of lesser magnitude?

And then there is the perennial nonsense of the "energy field."  Energy is merely a unit of work.  What specifically is working to produce this energetic field?  If they are saying the energy is inherent to the field, then they are talking about an Aether.  And if they are going to talk about an Aether, they need to quantify this Aether and show how it relates to matter.  This is exactly what the Aether Physics Model is about.

However, the Aether Physics Model is very simple and fully explained in Classical Mechanics terms.  The fundamental forces are unified simply using Newtonian type equations.  There is no need to waste billions of dollars trying to prop a failed particle zoo when more useful results can be obtained for much less investment.