Thursday, June 05, 2014

Geophysicists Discover How Rocks Produce Magnetic Pulses — The Physics arXiv Blog — Medium

Geophysicists Discover How Rocks Produce Magnetic Pulses 

The "electron pair holes" and "positive holes" described in semiconductor physics and mentioned in the above article is just another way of discussing Aether.

In order for a "hole" or "empty space" to possess charge, that space must have structure and obey mechanical laws. Such a structure can hardly be called non-existent or imaginary. It is a very real structure even if it is non-material in nature.

In several areas of physics, the existence of Aether is denied despite the observations of magnetic fields, electrostatic fields, gravitational fields, frame dragging, positive holes, electron pair holes, solitons, space-time curvature, and numerous other measurable phenomena.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Double Flares May Offer Insights to Tunneling

The article, Double Flare, on is an interesting story and I believe it offers insight into what happens with magnetism at the quantum scale.

Just as two sunspots can be connected by a seemingly invisible magnetic loop, magnetic structures at all scales can connect in similar ways.

In the Aether Physics Model, I show a simplified structural model for a quantum of space (Aether unit) and also for quantum particles such as the electron and proton. Aether units are essentially perpetual, dynamic rotating magnetic fields. The rotating magnetic field manifests as a tube of magnetic flux. These magnetic flux tubes can form macro structures, similar to water molecules forming oceans.

Further, tubes of magnetic flux can stretch over great distances causing various magnetic structures to be connected. To some degree, all things throughout the Universe are magnetically connected but at various magnitudes.

Certain systems, such as a human body, likely have very rich magnetic connections among its parts even if the magnetic fields are relatively weak compared to other magnetic fields. The magnetism need not manifest as a single coherent magnetic field such as in a permanent magnet or sunspot connections, but biomagnetism could exist as a network of much weaker magnetic fields. Each cell in the body, and each molecule in each cell, is likely in communication with and connected to each other, much like the sunspots on the Sun.

I like how the article starts, "Long ago researchers thought solar flares were isolated events." This is another way of saying, "Mainstream science had it wrong just ten years ago." There is nothing bad about being wrong, but it is another reminder that mainstream science paradigms have a long way to go before they can be considered accurate models of reality.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yellowstone Releasing Ancient Helium, Scientists Discover

Yellowstone Releasing Ancient Helium, Scientists Discover:

This is an interesting story. The facts are that more helium than is expected is coming up from Yellowstone volcano. The article is written such that it sounds like an absolute certainty that this helium is millions, if not billions of years old, as though this could be ascertained.

Let us assume, however, that the helium has been recently produced deep in the Earth. The evidence to suggest this assumption is that the Earth is measured to be expanding by 19 cubic kilometers of material per year, and numerous volcanoes all around the planet have awakened from 10,000 year dormancy, and other volcanoes are erupting more than usual.

This may actually suggest the Earth is going through a phase of rapid matter generation deep underground. The exceptionally high helium production shows that processes generating new protons are occurring all around the planet.

It is my suspicion that a rapid material production is occurring due to a change in the density of space as the Earth passes through the Milky Way magnetic plane. This causes the distance between protons in certain atoms to move within range to generate new protons from the Aether.

Mainstream physics only recognizes this process with regard to electrons, however, I have a mathematical basis for suspecting that protons produce proton-sized photons inside atoms during hot and cold fusion processes. The increase of helium could very well be evidence in favor of my physics theories.