Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Quantum Vortices

In the December 17th, 2004 issue of Science magazine, page 2021, is an article titled, "The Quantum Perfect Storm."

...physicists have spotted... the merging of several tiny whirlpools of
current in a superconductor into a single "giant vortex.

Since they are talking about current, they are specifically talking about electrons. Oddly, the article never mentions electrons, as though a vortex is some kind of structure of its own. The article further states:

Whirlpools of current arise when a magnetic field penetrates a
superconductor, in which current flows without loss of energy. The
magnetic field threads the eyes of the "vortices," and thanks to quantum
mechanics, each vortex contains precisely one fundamental quantum of magnetic flux.

According to the Aether Physics Model, the vortex is actually a quantum unit of eddy current, which is equal to the square of the quantum magnetic flux of the electron. The magnetic field threads the eyes of the vortices, because in superconducting conditions, the Aether units are all perfectly magnetically aligned.

But what is most fascinating about this article, is that it shows how the various electrons form the vortices. Normally (room temperature conditions are inferred) , electrons form a triangular patters, offset from each other by about 120 degrees. Actually, this produces a hexagonal pattern, very similar to ice crystal formations.

When the superconducting conditions arise, the electrons all overlap each other producing a single structure, but with the total quantum magnetic flux of all the electrons involved. This type of structure supports the primary angular momentum structure of electrons as presented in the Aether Physics Model. This type of joined vortex structure also resembles the macro quantum structures produced by Kiril Chukanov in his Angelina device.

According to the Aether Physics Model, the Aether units must then be overlapping each other in a series of concentric rings. There could be important implications here for altering space-time in some manner.

My intuition also tells me there is a connection between the hexagonal structure of electrons in a semiconductor device and the hexagonal structure of water molecules. Also, the vorticular action of electrons is reminiscent of the vorticular action of water, as observed by Viktor Schauberger. Further, between my observation that Aether, and therefore onta, are living systems, and Masaru Emoto's observations that water responds as a living organism, it would seem that the structures of vortices are common to life forms. Even Viktor Schauberger considered water to be a life form.

So there are clues here for further research concerning life forms at different orders of reality.

How the Aether Physics Model will Manifest Tangible Changes in the World

This is from an exchange with Angelyn on the Secrets of the Aether list.
"I am wondering how the observer affects the observed in this case.  In other words, when the Aether is actually quantified and measured, with all the thought and examination that goes into such a process, how is the Aether changed by the process?
"It is evident that thought and emotion affect and change circumstances.  Your thought - and life path - have changed the circumstance of ignorance of the Aether.  So how has your process changed - how is your process changing - the world as we know it, which I understand to be Aether as we observe its effects?  I don't mean what changes will be manifest - that would be a different discussion - but what is the process that changes the way Aether manifests in the tangible world?"
Hi Angelyn,
At this point, I can only speculate.  The only thing I have discovered so far, with regard to consciousness, is the method for quantifying it.  Experiments must be performed to fully investigate the mechanics and verify the theory.
Lorisa sent me a book called, "The Hidden Messages in Water,"  by Masaru Emoto.  Essentially,  Mr. Emoto provides physical evidence that water exhibits structure and beauty in the presence of positive thoughts.  There is either deformed or no structure when water is exposed to negative thoughts.  This is the type of experiment that could be used to verify the effect of thought. 
As a result of Mr. Emoto's work, I now view water as a living organism, existing in a different order of existence than our human bodies. 
As I have examined the characteristics of Aether, I noticed it is dynamic, pre-exists physical existence, and is driven by a huge Gforce.  I see this as yet another form of life, but at a yet more primary order of existence. 
It is beginning to appear to me that life takes on many different forms at every level of existence.  We need to do as Mr. Emoto did and look for ways to detect this life and understand its function, particularly here on Earth, but also in the Universe. 
It would seem to me that Quantum Mechanics, as practiced in government labs, has stumbled upon yet other examples of life at various orders of existence.  But since science is what it is today, the results are not published as discoveries of living interactions, but as probability functions.  It could very well be that scientists, whether they believe it or not, are interacting with other life forms, through mind.
At each level of existence, whether with Aether or water, the Aether and water obey physical laws.  If the quantification of consciousness method that I have discovered is correct, we may soon learn to live in symbience (as used in Star Wars movie when describing Midichloreans) with these other life forms, based on empirical observations and rigorous experimentation.
This would require taking the quantification of consciousness a step beyond what I have already provided.  Although I have revealed the technology that can measure our emotions, I cannot yet predict what measurement will correspond to what emotion.  I don't know how to quantify a positive thought from a negative thought, at this time. 
But if we apply ourselves to the science that is already revealed, one discovery should lead to several others.  That has been the process I used to develop the theory, and I'm sure it will further develop as easily as it has before.
In the end, we are all going to become incredibly powerful mystics, each endowed with the power to heal and know ultimate satisfaction.  By learning to work with Aether, water, and probably myriads of other unrecognized life forms such as crystals, isotopes, and onta, we may develop harmony and balance on Earth.  Even a better appreciation of known living things such as plants and animals will likely result.  If the Aether Physics Model takes hold, it will lead to a world peace far beyond the wildest dreams of any visionary.
I don't think the question is, "How will the Aether be changed," but "How will we be changed when we recognize consciousness in all its forms?"

Monday, December 27, 2004

Aether and Black Holes

I had this discussion on

"Consc" <> wrote in message
> Well. I wonder if there are different ways to derive
> the Standard Model. I mean. I wonder if others can
> come up with a TOE model that doesn't use the Aether
> but which can also present complete mathematics that
> join the 4 forces and explaining what gives matter
> and energy their identities.

The Standard Model cannot produce a TOE. It has the wrong dimensions of charge in its units. It also has the wrong quantification of strong force and lacks a strong force law that can interface with the electrostatic and gravitational force laws. In the end, it will be seen that the Standard Model was never truly a model at all.

> In the Standard Model, the electron is said to
> have a mass of 9.1 x 10 ^ -28 gram and the proton
> 1.67 x 10 ^ -24 gram. I was reviewing a book. So
> you mean angular momentum from the Aether cause
> their mass.

Actually, it is the characteristics of the four spin positions within the Aether that determines how much dark matter will be absorbed into the Aether. Angular momentum can be thought of as a kind of fluid and the Aether as a kind of container. The angular momentum flows into the quantum Aether unit and the Aether maintains it.

> BTW.. you name sound familiar. I just
> remember JJ Thomson in the book whose
> experiments produced the discovery of electrons.

We're probably related through lines in Scotland and England, but not here in the states. The same goes for Sir William Thomson.

> Last time you stated Aether can flow around objects
> and stuff since they are independent unit. If you let
> say compress the Aether in a given space. What
> would happen to light or em that would be conducted
> in that dense Aether. Can it changes its speed?

I suppose Aether can be compressed, since it can be stretched. But the only mechanism I can think of that could do it would be resonance. And then we are talking about standing waves. As far as the speed of light goes, it is established by the Aether units. A photon one quantum length per quantum time, which is the speed of light. It doesn't matter if you stretch or compress the Aether, it still moves exactly one quantum length per one quantum time.

What you can do, though, is produce more Aether units. Since the Universe is expanding in both mass and space, then it can be reasoned that Aether units propogate (expanding space) as well as continually absorb dark matter (gain mass). The propogating Aether units would explain the red shift. More Aether units are being added to the universe in between successive photons. This has the effect of making the photons appear to slow down. If the propogating Aether theory is true, then it also means that Aether propogates uniformly throughout the Universe.

> Also what if you remove the Aether from a given space.

You can't. Aether IS space. Without Aether, there is no space. If Aether were missing, you wouldn't know it.

I suspect that black holes are instances where so much angular momentum has been absorbed into the Aether and condensed into one place that the strong force folds too many Aether units. When too many Aether units are folded in, the stretch between Aether units becomes so great that a section of Aether rips apart from the rest of the Aether. Instead of creating a new Universe, I suspect the Aether merely "dies" and the angular momentum returns to dark matter. Thus the Universe is a continual process of expanding and contracting and both are occuring simultaneously in different locations of the Aether.

> I mean. I know your Aether exists in 5
> dimensions. In comparitive terms. What if you
> cause a space with much less Aether units or
> even void of them. You can't let light pass
> thru it?

No, light is a successive train of true quantum photons. A photon is equal to the angular momentum of the electron times the speed of light. Angular momentum as visible matter, which photons are, must travel through the Aether, otherwise they can't be photons.

However, it is possible to modulate the Aether directly with pulsed magnetic waves. In this case, it is possible to achieve faster than light communications since there is nothing passing through the Aether units.

> Do you think Reich Orgone are these Aether.

I do, yes.

> Well. In qi healing, we have to remove the negative qi and
> flick them off to salt water and emit fresh qi to
> the tissues. What is that negative qi we emitted to
> the water. Is it Aether or nothing to do with it at
> all? I think what we do is we flick off negative
> Aether with certain vibrations. The salt stabilized
> the vibrations and recyled them back. I don't know
> if it's Aether or other unknown energy. This
> mystery is what cause me to find the answers by
> digging all the TOE theories in physics and
> conventional mechanisms with the hope one can
> explain the physics of Qi.

I suspect Qi is the fluidity of the Aether, rather than a thing of itself. But I will leave the final say on this to someone who has studied Qi and has a better understanding of it.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Doctor Visit

Today I had my much anticipated visit with my surgeon.  The x-rays showed a minor amount of bone growth at the bottom of the tibia, but the fracture was largely unchanged.  No obvious sign of bone growth has occurred where it is needed most.
Today I also got a better understanding of the fracture.  When the bone broke, chunks of bone went into the marrow and other pieces were crushed like an aluminum can.  There are large gaps between several pieces of bone.  This may not be the type of fracture for magnetism to work, or magnets just don't heal bone. 
But since I have two more weeks before the doctor will do make the next move, I'll try the magnet again, but with the south pole up instead of the north pole.  It has been said in the literature that sometimes the south pole should be used instead of the north pole, depending on the person.  It can't hurt to try it.
With regard to the book, Secrets of the Aether, we have a press release prepared and ready to hit the wires tomorrow.  A copy of the press release has been posted to the Secrets of the Aether mailing list:

Monday, December 20, 2004

Meaning within the Aether Physics Model

Someone had asked me what the Aether Physics Model meant to me and how it changed my view of God. Here is my reply.

I've had an intense drive to find the meaning in life since I was 15. At the age of 17 I realized I had to investigate every religion and path before me in order to find Truth. By the time I was 29 I had found the truth that transcends this world. I found it through the practices of A Course In Miracles and Tibetan Buddhism. At the age of 24 I had a successful meditation where I had penetrated the darkness and once again was heading for the great white light. Just as I was merging with the white light and the darkness was rapidly lifting from my mind like a plane piercing the top of a cloud a voice said, "no, not yet." And I snapped back into my body as though I was at the end of a long, stretched rubber band. After snapping back, I had the most lucid out of body experiences I had ever had.

This was one of many mystic experiences showing me that there is more to the world than the physical body. And although A Course In Miracles speaks of God frequently and Tibetan Buddhism speaks of a number of spiritual beings in charge of various physical processes and things, I don't recall having a direct experience with a personal God or a God that would intentionally create the world of forms we see. I did have many encounters with spiritual beings, however.

I could not understand the connection between the ultimate state of mind and this incredibly diverse and rich physical experience. It seemed both are capable of such immense beauty, but were totally unrelated.

In the 1990s I became disappointed in both ACIM and Tibetan Buddhism. The beautiful work of ACIM was immersed in a cloud of concern over the copyright, and I also discovered the weakness of Tibetan politics. So I retreated into myself and decided to discover the secret of unlimited free energy. As I was pursuing the science behind free energy, I suspected that modern physics had made some fundamental errors, so I decided to re-examine physics from the ground up.

It was during the three years I worked on the physics theories that I gradually uncovered evidence of God. To make sense of this evidence required as much meditation as thinking. One day I sat down to directly experience what the physics was showing me.

According to logic, if God were the true creator of the Universe, then God would appear in the physics at the most fundamental level. And indeed, by discovering the true Unified Force Theory, I found that an enormous inverse Force is responsible for the gravitational force, electrostatic force, and electromagnetic (or strong) force. If the theory is correct, the Gforce is an aspect of God, like my skin is an aspect of my body.

So I meditated on my direct experience with gravity. I looked around me and noticed that this gravity is equally distributed everywhere. When I jumped away from the Earth, there were no strings pulling me back. There is a non-physical Gforce, acting on mass, that pulls me back. We call this phenomenon gravity, but it is far more personal of an experience than merely labeling it a force. There is a very essential relationship that each physical object has with gravity, but since the gravity applies equally to all mass, we tend to take it for granted and don't give it another thought.

The Gforce also acts on strong charge, which is a form of charge not properly understood by modern physics. Those errors in modern physics I mentioned in the book are the culprits. There are two types of charge in every subatomic particle. This is possible because the Aether, which gives all charge, has geometry. The spherical geometry of the Aether gives a subatomic particle its electrostatic charge, the toroidal geometry of the Aether gives the subatomic particle its strong charge. The strong charge mediates the strong force, which is the force that holds together all physical matter. When meditating on the strong force binding together my body, I could feel the Gforce acting on strong charge and maintaining form.

Just sitting still, I could see in my mind the effect of God binding together all physical form. Having also discovered the patterns of growth at the quantum level, I could see how each of these forms became the shapes we see. While resting with my eyes closed, I could feel God binding all the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles within my body. Reflecting on the nature of the electrostatic force, and its function in chemical reactions, I could sense God's presence in the chemical processes of my body, such as in the growth of various cells.

To nearly everyone around me, the experiences of gravity, strong force, and electrostatic force were practically insignificant in their awareness, as it was to me before I discovered the physics. Yet the profoundness of non-physical forces, all having a common origin in the Gforce, and having the same effect whether within my body, empty space, the heart of a star, or holding together the entire Universe, is quite extraordinary. God's Presence is so real, and so all-encompassing in our lives, that we are blind to Him. Not that it needs to be that way, but just because we are so ignorant and choose not to investigate the most obvious aspects existence.

Of course, I realize that this experience of God is just one aspect. But it is a huge aspect of our lives, though likely just a small aspect of God. And that was just the discovery of the Gforce.

Then I discovered that reductionism isn't a form of Zeno's paradox. In other words, if you cut a human into two equal pieces, you don't end up with two humans. A human body is made up of organs and it hosts other life forms, and together the organs and life forms produce a human body. We could say that the organs are a more primary order of reality than the body, because the body isn't really a thing, but a collection of organs.

Similarly, we see that organs are made from cells. Each organ is just a collection of cells working in a specific manner. There really isn't a heart, but a bunch of cells that make up the heart. But then, the cells are made up of molecules, which are an order of reality more primary. The cells don't really exist, they are just a collection of molecules.

But the molecules are just a collection of atoms, which have a more primary order of reality. And the atoms are merely collections of subatomic particles, which have a more primary order of reality. Now modern science treats the atom as something we can cut into smaller pieces and get smaller chunks of matter. But in true reductionism, the order of reality changes for each level of existence. Although an atom appears as a particle, it's constituents of subatomic particles, do not. Electrons and protons are a unique form of existence, which I have identified as primary angular momentum. And I have the science to back this up. Modern science treats subatomic particles as a wave/particle duality. The reason for this wave particle duality is because science has not yet realized that existence at the subatomic level has a ghostly kind of nature. They are cloud-like forms of existence.

I then reduced the primary angular momentum to the most primary state I could, dimensions. All of the world we see is made up of length, frequency (time), mass, charge, and sphericity. None of these characteristics is physical, and yet they are the "substance" from which all physical things are made. Dimensions more resemble the mind than they do physical matter. Dimensions are concepts, and yet they are concepts with actual manifestation. In realizing that all physical matter reduced to qualities with no physical existence, but still have reality, I was able to appreciate how the physical world manifests from the mind.

I was all finished with the book and ready to get it off to the printer in early October. Then I sustained a compound fracture to my left leg and a calcaneous fracture to the right heel. The injuries required surgery, but the surgery had to be performed 2.5 hours drive from where I live. It was seven hours before they could even touch my leg. I was offered pain medication, but I refused it, taking this opportunity to place my faith in God. In doing so, I could clearly see a bright golden light on the "other side" of matter. I was overcome with joy from the inner beauty of the experience. I experienced no fear at all and pain was nothing more than a neutral sensation.

In the first 24 hours of this ordeal I learned a lot about consciousness and how it relates to matter. When I saw God it was like looking through a glass window. On this side of the window was the physical Universe, on the other side was God. I understood this to mean that the qualities of God are manifested as the inverse of physical qualities. Or more accurately, physical qualities are manifested as the inverse of God's qualities. That window was like the division line separating the numerator from the denominator.

Later on, after reviewing the units concerning physical matter, particularly the conductance unit, I was encouraged that the mathematics supported the idea of inverse existence. So I wrote these new ideas into Secrets of the Aether, so that other researchers could review them and build on them.

For me, now I can understand why I wasn't allowed into the white light before. I was looking at the world as though it were separate from God and something to be escaped. I was looking at God as a kind of elite country club, where only the enlightened could go. Now I realize that God is right here, right now. My very existence, physical and spiritual, IS God. There is nowhere that God is not.

There is nothing that God is not. Instead of trying to fight against the forms, which I presently call reality, now the path is to relax amidst the forms and sink into the experience of God. It is my practice to see myself as an essential piece of a great puzzle, of which every other piece is equally essential.

The forms of the pieces I see are irrelevant. I could see a tree, a newspaper, a story in the news, and a banana as secondary to the essential substance of which all these forms are made. The forms are nothing more than a result of Aether mechanics and the effect of mind adding interpretation to the forms. Knowing the laws of physics, I can alter the forms, and knowing the mind, I can alter my perceptions of the forms, if I should choose to do so.

As a result of the Aether Physics Model I'm able to pull together a lifetime of spiritual study and practice and integrate it with a lifetime of physical existence. Without this model I would still have the intellectual understanding of God as a spiritual being, but would not have seen the greater extent of God's being. Of course, there is likely much more to learn, but just this basic new knowledge was a major leap in my understanding and my practice.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

RE: [SSConnection] Re: Come Together - The Mystery of Collective Intelligence (Ch 7) -- Jen

This is another reply to the list,

"Remember I was mentioning to you about all the various interpretations people have of the Christian Faith. There are so many now, one can lose count. What we need, I think, is the initiation of a group in dialogue, communicating to eventually form beliefs which then emulate to new knowledge (not known by all) as expressed above. This new knowledge then can be accessed to other like-minded groups. I think Christianity needs a big overhaul -- a belief system wherein all members have the same understanding. This new knowledge can then pass throughout others religions, as after all, the basic core belief is the same in all of them -- "I and my Father are One." (As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind) -- This thought could then be translated by the scientists who are saying "All is One." -- universal consciousness is man's consciousness."

It is my view, too, that we need a review of our religious beliefs.  But until we have something to use as a standard, we need to work on the standard by which we will judge our beliefs.

The Aether Physics Model was written by me, but the data belongs to the Universe.  I was merely the first person to put the pieces together in the right order.  The knowledge within the Aether Physics Model belongs to everyone.

It is my belief that the secrets now being revealed about the Aether can serve as a standard for reviewing our religions.  Within the Aether Physics Model we see that there IS an enormous force governing the world.  We also see that this force is related to a consciousness.  We can also see how we fit in to the greater plan.  But what this theory does not show are certain quirks associated with religions that serve as the basis for war.  For example, the theory does not show that Jesus is the son or daughter of God, at least not anymore than the rest of us.  The same goes for the other prophets.  The theory also does not indicate that one gender is more dominant than the other gender.  Nor does the theory indicate that a particular plot of land belongs to a particular race or culture of people.

What the theory does show is that:

  • there is ONE God,
  • that this one God gave rise to all physical existence,
  • that all physical existence is really not physical at all,
  • that we are all equal,
  • that there was life before birth and therefore also after death,
  • and that mind exists in 5 dimensions while the body exists in only 4.
Of course, the theory shows much more than that.  But what we see emerging is a neutral paradigm resembling more of the peaceful mystic's teachings, rather than the violent teachings of the victorious warlord.
That is one of my most favorite observations about the Aether Physics Model, and why I decided to share it with the world.  The Aether Physics Model is science that encourages world peace, whereas the present mass/energy paradigm was developed during war and encourages only bigger and more dangerous weapons of mass destruction.
The Aether Physics Model not only meets the needs of all scientists, but it also leads the masses in the direction of peace.  How could it be otherwise?  A physics that shows the physical Universe descends from the Mind of God is a constant reminder of our enlightened heritage and encourages people to find a way to best get to know this God.


Understanding how mind and Aether are connected

I've been posting to the list recently.
Here is a post that extrapolates philosophical information from the
Aether Physics Model.

>>> Dave: The philosophers will probably benefit from reading
chapter 12, first. Chapter 12 is entitled "Philosophy" and
interprets the Aether Physics Model in terms of "reality" and "God."
Then as you read the book you'll tend to understand the importance of
the concepts being presented from the philosophical view.<<<

> How about sharing some of your ideas here? I am interested in your

I've shared a lot of the ideas already. A lot of the philosophy
hinges on understanding the quantum nature of the Universe. It hasn't
really set in with me before just how much new fundamental information
the theory had developed.

For example, we normally think of our reality as being 3 dimensions of
length (space) and one dimension of time. But according to the Aether
Physics Model, there are 3 dimensions of length (space) and two
dimensions of frequency. At the quantum level, time is an oscillation
that goes forward and backward in time, in one quantum moment. In
addition, it goes forward and backward in two dimensions of frequency.
It is the frequency dimension, squared, which curves space.

Subatomic "particles", (I call them onta when plural and onn when
singular), make up all the visible physical matter in the Universe.
Your body is essentially a pile of electron and protons that have
stuck together in a unique way. These electrons and protons have a
peculiar condition called "half spin." What the half spin means is
that in a quantum moment, the electron or proton only spins half of
its total cycle. But unlike cycles as we normally know them, half
spin onta turn 360 degrees in a half cycle. They would turn 720
degrees if they turned a full spin.

According to the Aether Physics Model, electrons and protons can only
move in the forward half of the frequency cycle. So all quantum
matter turns half way (360 degrees) in the forward time direction in a
quantum moment. The electron and proton are not able to spin during
the reverse time portion of the cycle and they remain dormant for half

So the illusion of time is due to half spin electrons and protons
moving only in the forward direction of the frequency cycle. At the
quantum level there are actually five dimensions and they produce
space (length cubed) and resonance (frequency squared). But all we
see are space and time. The mind exists in the five dimensions of
space-resonance, but the body exists in the four dimensions of
space-time. This means the mind has the ability to traverse time, but
the body does not. This is why we can have visions of the future, or
project our mind back in time.

It really is helpful to understand the Aether, as the Aether is what
space-resonance and space-time are made of. But the Aether is more
than just space-resonance and space-time, it also has conductance,
which means it has qualities of mind. It needs to be reflected upon
much more, but it appears that Aether is a living, dynamic, life force
with its own mass consciousness (God) and that our bodies are an
attempt to capture some of that life force and exist independent from

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Today I had to put up a biography for the book. It was something I held off from as long as I could. If the world is a round hole, then I'm a square peg. I'm self-educated, choose not to get involved in the rat race, and enjoy my life to the max. So how can I possibly have a resume in the usual sense?

Not only that, but my early life was filled with paranormal experiences, and I still occasionaly have them today. It's okay to read about this stuff in novels, or watch an obviously fictionalized movie, but when someone insists these things happen in their life, they are weird. And it's true. I'm weird.

I have made it a habit to use truth as the rule and guide of my life. I'm not about to deviate from that now. But even though I am comfortable with my own weirdness, I'm not as comfortable with other people's weirdness. Like so many others, I like the comfort of conformity when I can get it. Now I'll probably get visits from Elvis, spokeswomen for Gray aliens, and the "Amazing" Randi. That's not an exciting prospect.

Oh well.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Web Updates

The Secrets of the Aether web site has been updated today. We added four more chapter summaries and started a new yahoogroups forum just for the book. The new forum is accessible from the discussions page.

Most of my time yesterday and today has been spent on marketing. We're looking for grass roots ideas for letting people know about Secrets of the Aether. If you know of an Internet talk show or other media outlet interested in Secrets of the Aether, let us know.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Impedance Measurements

Today I looked at impedance measurements from the perspective of the Aether Physics Model (APM). The interesting part of the impedance equation is that the units don't work out the same as when using the Standard Model system of units.

If you need a refresher, this web page by Jason Starck has an excellent overview of the Standard Model version.

Impedance is the net sum of the capacitive and inductive reactances and resistance in the circuit. The equations for capacitive and inductive reactance are:
  • Xc = 1 / 2pi * freq * capc
  • Xl = 2pi * freq * indc

in the APM, the inverse of frequency times capacitance is magnetic flux, as is frequency times inductance. In the present form of the impedance equation resistance adds to magnetic flux, which is not supposed to happen in math. The units must be the same when adding.

It is interesting that the imaginary number has to be introduced into the equation in order to force the correct answer. The imaginary number is the square root of -1. It would seem that the incorrect units force the invention of the imaginary number. I'll need to give this more thought and try to verify it with experiment, but the charge dimensions in magnetic flux is the square root of the charge dimensions in resistance.

I find it also interesting that the phase angles of the inductance and capacitance have to be accounted for in the impedance equation. In the APM, the electrons have a definite magnetic structure with poles. It would seem the magnetic structure of the electrons is again verified, this time by the impedance equation.

I also notice that 2pi occurs frequently in Standard Model equations involving resonance, but APM equations suggest the value should be 4pi. This is something I've been wanting to investigate for some time. I'll give it some more thought.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Magnetic Healing?

In Secrets of the Aether I show that matter gets its shape from the Aether. The Aether, among other things, gives us the space-time we experience the physical world in. The Aether is a vast sea of quantum units with dimensions equal to "rotating magnetic field." It also appears that the Aether arises from consciousness, as is evidenced by the Gforce and the nature of dimensions. Therefore, there is a connection between the mind and electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism manifests in many different forms. There is current, magnetic flux, magnetic field, potential, resistance, electric field, capacitance, inductance, conductance, and many others. There also appears to be manifestations of magnetism that we are yet unaware of, which are related to the mind (or consciousness). In the neurosciences, conductance is associated with emotions.

On October 6, 2004 I sustained a compound fracture to the left tibia, fibula, and ankle as well as a calcaneous fracture to the right heel. After two months of excellent medical care from top rated surgeons, my tibia has still not begun the process of healing and remains fractured. Some causes for this are smoking and poor diet. But I have never smoked and I have carefully watched my diet for more than 20 years. I also started taking vitamin and mineral supplements after surgery.

My surgeon last week suggested that I undergo an operation to remove part of my hip bone, crush it up, and squirt it between the fractured pieces of the tibia and other broken bones. This is a standard procedure that is often successful. What happens is the morphogenetic proteins in the healthy hip bone help to initiate bone fusion. But the procedure involves cutting muscle from the hip bone and removing a portion of the bone. I'm not yet ready to give into such an invasive procedure.

So I did some research on the Internet and discovered that magnetic therapy has been used with success for initating bone fusion. The theory is that bones produce a north pole orientation all around the outer surface. When fracture occurs, the bones pieces repel each other and fusion does not take place. This makes sense as many bones contact each other within the body but don't fuse.

It is futher thought that if either a static or pulsed magnetic field is applied to the fractured area, the magnetic orientation of the bone tissue would deflect enough that the bones would no longer repel each other. Since I already work with magnets and electromagnetism, and since I wrote a book suggesting that magnetic therapy should be investigated, I felt a responsibility to try the treatment on myself. I contacted my surgeon and informed him of my plan and requested the surgery be postponed long enough to give magnetic therapy a chance to work.

The day after beginning the magnetic therapy, my only remaining wound expelled about a 1/4cc of dark red blood. This was the first time that had happened and I consider it a positive sign that healing is taking place. Today is the day I would have had surgery and it is seven days since I saw the surgeon. I feel different sensations in my leg than I have in the past two months. The feeling is a kind of tightness within the bones and extends all through the fractured areas. I also noticed the complexion of my foot improved considerably since beginning the magnetic therapy.

I have two more weeks before my next x-rays. I'll be sure to post the results online for others to view. I'm also requesting copies of my x-rays for different dates so that the results can be better understood.

The web page I found most of the good links about magnetic therapy on is:

Monday, December 06, 2004

Secrets of the Aether now available

Jim Bourassa and I have finished Secrets of the Aether, a new approach to quantum physics. Our theory includes a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory, an explanation of dark matter, and how physical matter interacts with consciousness.

We're now in the process of getting a printer to mass produce the books, but in the meantime we're self publishing on 8.5" x 11", bright paper with strip binding. The pages are printed both sides like a regular book and in full laser color with clear covers.

For more information on the content of the book you can visit

As the days go on I'll post updates to the theory and give progress on the next book I'm writing.