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Aether and Black Holes

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> Well. I wonder if there are different ways to derive
> the Standard Model. I mean. I wonder if others can
> come up with a TOE model that doesn't use the Aether
> but which can also present complete mathematics that
> join the 4 forces and explaining what gives matter
> and energy their identities.

The Standard Model cannot produce a TOE. It has the wrong dimensions of charge in its units. It also has the wrong quantification of strong force and lacks a strong force law that can interface with the electrostatic and gravitational force laws. In the end, it will be seen that the Standard Model was never truly a model at all.

> In the Standard Model, the electron is said to
> have a mass of 9.1 x 10 ^ -28 gram and the proton
> 1.67 x 10 ^ -24 gram. I was reviewing a book. So
> you mean angular momentum from the Aether cause
> their mass.

Actually, it is the characteristics of the four spin positions within the Aether that determines how much dark matter will be absorbed into the Aether. Angular momentum can be thought of as a kind of fluid and the Aether as a kind of container. The angular momentum flows into the quantum Aether unit and the Aether maintains it.

> BTW.. you name sound familiar. I just
> remember JJ Thomson in the book whose
> experiments produced the discovery of electrons.

We're probably related through lines in Scotland and England, but not here in the states. The same goes for Sir William Thomson.

> Last time you stated Aether can flow around objects
> and stuff since they are independent unit. If you let
> say compress the Aether in a given space. What
> would happen to light or em that would be conducted
> in that dense Aether. Can it changes its speed?

I suppose Aether can be compressed, since it can be stretched. But the only mechanism I can think of that could do it would be resonance. And then we are talking about standing waves. As far as the speed of light goes, it is established by the Aether units. A photon one quantum length per quantum time, which is the speed of light. It doesn't matter if you stretch or compress the Aether, it still moves exactly one quantum length per one quantum time.

What you can do, though, is produce more Aether units. Since the Universe is expanding in both mass and space, then it can be reasoned that Aether units propogate (expanding space) as well as continually absorb dark matter (gain mass). The propogating Aether units would explain the red shift. More Aether units are being added to the universe in between successive photons. This has the effect of making the photons appear to slow down. If the propogating Aether theory is true, then it also means that Aether propogates uniformly throughout the Universe.

> Also what if you remove the Aether from a given space.

You can't. Aether IS space. Without Aether, there is no space. If Aether were missing, you wouldn't know it.

I suspect that black holes are instances where so much angular momentum has been absorbed into the Aether and condensed into one place that the strong force folds too many Aether units. When too many Aether units are folded in, the stretch between Aether units becomes so great that a section of Aether rips apart from the rest of the Aether. Instead of creating a new Universe, I suspect the Aether merely "dies" and the angular momentum returns to dark matter. Thus the Universe is a continual process of expanding and contracting and both are occuring simultaneously in different locations of the Aether.

> I mean. I know your Aether exists in 5
> dimensions. In comparitive terms. What if you
> cause a space with much less Aether units or
> even void of them. You can't let light pass
> thru it?

No, light is a successive train of true quantum photons. A photon is equal to the angular momentum of the electron times the speed of light. Angular momentum as visible matter, which photons are, must travel through the Aether, otherwise they can't be photons.

However, it is possible to modulate the Aether directly with pulsed magnetic waves. In this case, it is possible to achieve faster than light communications since there is nothing passing through the Aether units.

> Do you think Reich Orgone are these Aether.

I do, yes.

> Well. In qi healing, we have to remove the negative qi and
> flick them off to salt water and emit fresh qi to
> the tissues. What is that negative qi we emitted to
> the water. Is it Aether or nothing to do with it at
> all? I think what we do is we flick off negative
> Aether with certain vibrations. The salt stabilized
> the vibrations and recyled them back. I don't know
> if it's Aether or other unknown energy. This
> mystery is what cause me to find the answers by
> digging all the TOE theories in physics and
> conventional mechanisms with the hope one can
> explain the physics of Qi.

I suspect Qi is the fluidity of the Aether, rather than a thing of itself. But I will leave the final say on this to someone who has studied Qi and has a better understanding of it.


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