Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Magnetic Healing?

In Secrets of the Aether I show that matter gets its shape from the Aether. The Aether, among other things, gives us the space-time we experience the physical world in. The Aether is a vast sea of quantum units with dimensions equal to "rotating magnetic field." It also appears that the Aether arises from consciousness, as is evidenced by the Gforce and the nature of dimensions. Therefore, there is a connection between the mind and electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism manifests in many different forms. There is current, magnetic flux, magnetic field, potential, resistance, electric field, capacitance, inductance, conductance, and many others. There also appears to be manifestations of magnetism that we are yet unaware of, which are related to the mind (or consciousness). In the neurosciences, conductance is associated with emotions.

On October 6, 2004 I sustained a compound fracture to the left tibia, fibula, and ankle as well as a calcaneous fracture to the right heel. After two months of excellent medical care from top rated surgeons, my tibia has still not begun the process of healing and remains fractured. Some causes for this are smoking and poor diet. But I have never smoked and I have carefully watched my diet for more than 20 years. I also started taking vitamin and mineral supplements after surgery.

My surgeon last week suggested that I undergo an operation to remove part of my hip bone, crush it up, and squirt it between the fractured pieces of the tibia and other broken bones. This is a standard procedure that is often successful. What happens is the morphogenetic proteins in the healthy hip bone help to initiate bone fusion. But the procedure involves cutting muscle from the hip bone and removing a portion of the bone. I'm not yet ready to give into such an invasive procedure.

So I did some research on the Internet and discovered that magnetic therapy has been used with success for initating bone fusion. The theory is that bones produce a north pole orientation all around the outer surface. When fracture occurs, the bones pieces repel each other and fusion does not take place. This makes sense as many bones contact each other within the body but don't fuse.

It is futher thought that if either a static or pulsed magnetic field is applied to the fractured area, the magnetic orientation of the bone tissue would deflect enough that the bones would no longer repel each other. Since I already work with magnets and electromagnetism, and since I wrote a book suggesting that magnetic therapy should be investigated, I felt a responsibility to try the treatment on myself. I contacted my surgeon and informed him of my plan and requested the surgery be postponed long enough to give magnetic therapy a chance to work.

The day after beginning the magnetic therapy, my only remaining wound expelled about a 1/4cc of dark red blood. This was the first time that had happened and I consider it a positive sign that healing is taking place. Today is the day I would have had surgery and it is seven days since I saw the surgeon. I feel different sensations in my leg than I have in the past two months. The feeling is a kind of tightness within the bones and extends all through the fractured areas. I also noticed the complexion of my foot improved considerably since beginning the magnetic therapy.

I have two more weeks before my next x-rays. I'll be sure to post the results online for others to view. I'm also requesting copies of my x-rays for different dates so that the results can be better understood.

The web page I found most of the good links about magnetic therapy on is:

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