Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Evidence of matter being contained in space!

One of the important revelations of the Aether Physics Model is that visible physical matter is a product of Aether and dark matter. Aether is the structure of space; it is not merely empty, but is a five dimensional vortex having the unit of "rotating magnetic field." Strings of mass, known in physics as neutrinos and dark matter, become encapsulated in an Aether vortex to become subatomic particles such as electrons and protons.

The fact that photons, which are inverted electrons expanding outward at the speed of photons, share the same quantum hall effect behavior with electrons indicates they share a common structure. This structure is caused by the space in which photons and electrons reside, which is the Aether. In fact, most of the electron structure is the Aether, itself, which is why there are relatively vast spaces between subatomic particles.

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