Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How the Aether Physics Model will Manifest Tangible Changes in the World

This is from an exchange with Angelyn on the Secrets of the Aether list.
"I am wondering how the observer affects the observed in this case.  In other words, when the Aether is actually quantified and measured, with all the thought and examination that goes into such a process, how is the Aether changed by the process?
"It is evident that thought and emotion affect and change circumstances.  Your thought - and life path - have changed the circumstance of ignorance of the Aether.  So how has your process changed - how is your process changing - the world as we know it, which I understand to be Aether as we observe its effects?  I don't mean what changes will be manifest - that would be a different discussion - but what is the process that changes the way Aether manifests in the tangible world?"
Hi Angelyn,
At this point, I can only speculate.  The only thing I have discovered so far, with regard to consciousness, is the method for quantifying it.  Experiments must be performed to fully investigate the mechanics and verify the theory.
Lorisa sent me a book called, "The Hidden Messages in Water,"  by Masaru Emoto.  Essentially,  Mr. Emoto provides physical evidence that water exhibits structure and beauty in the presence of positive thoughts.  There is either deformed or no structure when water is exposed to negative thoughts.  This is the type of experiment that could be used to verify the effect of thought. 
As a result of Mr. Emoto's work, I now view water as a living organism, existing in a different order of existence than our human bodies. 
As I have examined the characteristics of Aether, I noticed it is dynamic, pre-exists physical existence, and is driven by a huge Gforce.  I see this as yet another form of life, but at a yet more primary order of existence. 
It is beginning to appear to me that life takes on many different forms at every level of existence.  We need to do as Mr. Emoto did and look for ways to detect this life and understand its function, particularly here on Earth, but also in the Universe. 
It would seem to me that Quantum Mechanics, as practiced in government labs, has stumbled upon yet other examples of life at various orders of existence.  But since science is what it is today, the results are not published as discoveries of living interactions, but as probability functions.  It could very well be that scientists, whether they believe it or not, are interacting with other life forms, through mind.
At each level of existence, whether with Aether or water, the Aether and water obey physical laws.  If the quantification of consciousness method that I have discovered is correct, we may soon learn to live in symbience (as used in Star Wars movie when describing Midichloreans) with these other life forms, based on empirical observations and rigorous experimentation.
This would require taking the quantification of consciousness a step beyond what I have already provided.  Although I have revealed the technology that can measure our emotions, I cannot yet predict what measurement will correspond to what emotion.  I don't know how to quantify a positive thought from a negative thought, at this time. 
But if we apply ourselves to the science that is already revealed, one discovery should lead to several others.  That has been the process I used to develop the theory, and I'm sure it will further develop as easily as it has before.
In the end, we are all going to become incredibly powerful mystics, each endowed with the power to heal and know ultimate satisfaction.  By learning to work with Aether, water, and probably myriads of other unrecognized life forms such as crystals, isotopes, and onta, we may develop harmony and balance on Earth.  Even a better appreciation of known living things such as plants and animals will likely result.  If the Aether Physics Model takes hold, it will lead to a world peace far beyond the wildest dreams of any visionary.
I don't think the question is, "How will the Aether be changed," but "How will we be changed when we recognize consciousness in all its forms?"

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