Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Einstein’s Theory in Danger? - Developer Zone - National Instruments

Is Einstein’s Theory in Danger? - Developer Zone - National Instruments:

Einstein's theory is not in danger. Einstein predicted that space was curved and that it could be stretched and compacted. The Sagnac effect that space could be dragged, like a fluid. "Frame dragging" is an essential correction in understanding light following a moving planet or star.

Positive holes (p-holes) are quantum units of space carrying charge in an electric circuit. Phonons are longitudinal waves in a stream of photons and demonstrate the space around photons is a compressible as any other fluid. Electric and magnetic fields are regions of space that convey force without the presence of physical matter. The gravitational force is also communicated at a distance through space.

This is possible because space is a 3D fabric of quantum rotating magnetic fields, much as Descartes proposed in the 1600s, and as numerous qualified physicists have quantified in the centuries since.

Neutrinos are strings of mass, which exist outside of the Aether fabric, and thus possess no properties of electricity or magnetism. Neutrinos can fly easily through planets and stars because they are not involved in the electric and magnetic fields of the particles comprising those bodies.

It is only when dark matter (strings of mass) are captured by Aether units that they become visible matter and are subjected to the physical laws within the Aether.

The CERN experiment is just one more proof that the Aether exists and that dark matter is not subject to the Aether's physical laws.