Monday, December 20, 2004

Meaning within the Aether Physics Model

Someone had asked me what the Aether Physics Model meant to me and how it changed my view of God. Here is my reply.

I've had an intense drive to find the meaning in life since I was 15. At the age of 17 I realized I had to investigate every religion and path before me in order to find Truth. By the time I was 29 I had found the truth that transcends this world. I found it through the practices of A Course In Miracles and Tibetan Buddhism. At the age of 24 I had a successful meditation where I had penetrated the darkness and once again was heading for the great white light. Just as I was merging with the white light and the darkness was rapidly lifting from my mind like a plane piercing the top of a cloud a voice said, "no, not yet." And I snapped back into my body as though I was at the end of a long, stretched rubber band. After snapping back, I had the most lucid out of body experiences I had ever had.

This was one of many mystic experiences showing me that there is more to the world than the physical body. And although A Course In Miracles speaks of God frequently and Tibetan Buddhism speaks of a number of spiritual beings in charge of various physical processes and things, I don't recall having a direct experience with a personal God or a God that would intentionally create the world of forms we see. I did have many encounters with spiritual beings, however.

I could not understand the connection between the ultimate state of mind and this incredibly diverse and rich physical experience. It seemed both are capable of such immense beauty, but were totally unrelated.

In the 1990s I became disappointed in both ACIM and Tibetan Buddhism. The beautiful work of ACIM was immersed in a cloud of concern over the copyright, and I also discovered the weakness of Tibetan politics. So I retreated into myself and decided to discover the secret of unlimited free energy. As I was pursuing the science behind free energy, I suspected that modern physics had made some fundamental errors, so I decided to re-examine physics from the ground up.

It was during the three years I worked on the physics theories that I gradually uncovered evidence of God. To make sense of this evidence required as much meditation as thinking. One day I sat down to directly experience what the physics was showing me.

According to logic, if God were the true creator of the Universe, then God would appear in the physics at the most fundamental level. And indeed, by discovering the true Unified Force Theory, I found that an enormous inverse Force is responsible for the gravitational force, electrostatic force, and electromagnetic (or strong) force. If the theory is correct, the Gforce is an aspect of God, like my skin is an aspect of my body.

So I meditated on my direct experience with gravity. I looked around me and noticed that this gravity is equally distributed everywhere. When I jumped away from the Earth, there were no strings pulling me back. There is a non-physical Gforce, acting on mass, that pulls me back. We call this phenomenon gravity, but it is far more personal of an experience than merely labeling it a force. There is a very essential relationship that each physical object has with gravity, but since the gravity applies equally to all mass, we tend to take it for granted and don't give it another thought.

The Gforce also acts on strong charge, which is a form of charge not properly understood by modern physics. Those errors in modern physics I mentioned in the book are the culprits. There are two types of charge in every subatomic particle. This is possible because the Aether, which gives all charge, has geometry. The spherical geometry of the Aether gives a subatomic particle its electrostatic charge, the toroidal geometry of the Aether gives the subatomic particle its strong charge. The strong charge mediates the strong force, which is the force that holds together all physical matter. When meditating on the strong force binding together my body, I could feel the Gforce acting on strong charge and maintaining form.

Just sitting still, I could see in my mind the effect of God binding together all physical form. Having also discovered the patterns of growth at the quantum level, I could see how each of these forms became the shapes we see. While resting with my eyes closed, I could feel God binding all the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles within my body. Reflecting on the nature of the electrostatic force, and its function in chemical reactions, I could sense God's presence in the chemical processes of my body, such as in the growth of various cells.

To nearly everyone around me, the experiences of gravity, strong force, and electrostatic force were practically insignificant in their awareness, as it was to me before I discovered the physics. Yet the profoundness of non-physical forces, all having a common origin in the Gforce, and having the same effect whether within my body, empty space, the heart of a star, or holding together the entire Universe, is quite extraordinary. God's Presence is so real, and so all-encompassing in our lives, that we are blind to Him. Not that it needs to be that way, but just because we are so ignorant and choose not to investigate the most obvious aspects existence.

Of course, I realize that this experience of God is just one aspect. But it is a huge aspect of our lives, though likely just a small aspect of God. And that was just the discovery of the Gforce.

Then I discovered that reductionism isn't a form of Zeno's paradox. In other words, if you cut a human into two equal pieces, you don't end up with two humans. A human body is made up of organs and it hosts other life forms, and together the organs and life forms produce a human body. We could say that the organs are a more primary order of reality than the body, because the body isn't really a thing, but a collection of organs.

Similarly, we see that organs are made from cells. Each organ is just a collection of cells working in a specific manner. There really isn't a heart, but a bunch of cells that make up the heart. But then, the cells are made up of molecules, which are an order of reality more primary. The cells don't really exist, they are just a collection of molecules.

But the molecules are just a collection of atoms, which have a more primary order of reality. And the atoms are merely collections of subatomic particles, which have a more primary order of reality. Now modern science treats the atom as something we can cut into smaller pieces and get smaller chunks of matter. But in true reductionism, the order of reality changes for each level of existence. Although an atom appears as a particle, it's constituents of subatomic particles, do not. Electrons and protons are a unique form of existence, which I have identified as primary angular momentum. And I have the science to back this up. Modern science treats subatomic particles as a wave/particle duality. The reason for this wave particle duality is because science has not yet realized that existence at the subatomic level has a ghostly kind of nature. They are cloud-like forms of existence.

I then reduced the primary angular momentum to the most primary state I could, dimensions. All of the world we see is made up of length, frequency (time), mass, charge, and sphericity. None of these characteristics is physical, and yet they are the "substance" from which all physical things are made. Dimensions more resemble the mind than they do physical matter. Dimensions are concepts, and yet they are concepts with actual manifestation. In realizing that all physical matter reduced to qualities with no physical existence, but still have reality, I was able to appreciate how the physical world manifests from the mind.

I was all finished with the book and ready to get it off to the printer in early October. Then I sustained a compound fracture to my left leg and a calcaneous fracture to the right heel. The injuries required surgery, but the surgery had to be performed 2.5 hours drive from where I live. It was seven hours before they could even touch my leg. I was offered pain medication, but I refused it, taking this opportunity to place my faith in God. In doing so, I could clearly see a bright golden light on the "other side" of matter. I was overcome with joy from the inner beauty of the experience. I experienced no fear at all and pain was nothing more than a neutral sensation.

In the first 24 hours of this ordeal I learned a lot about consciousness and how it relates to matter. When I saw God it was like looking through a glass window. On this side of the window was the physical Universe, on the other side was God. I understood this to mean that the qualities of God are manifested as the inverse of physical qualities. Or more accurately, physical qualities are manifested as the inverse of God's qualities. That window was like the division line separating the numerator from the denominator.

Later on, after reviewing the units concerning physical matter, particularly the conductance unit, I was encouraged that the mathematics supported the idea of inverse existence. So I wrote these new ideas into Secrets of the Aether, so that other researchers could review them and build on them.

For me, now I can understand why I wasn't allowed into the white light before. I was looking at the world as though it were separate from God and something to be escaped. I was looking at God as a kind of elite country club, where only the enlightened could go. Now I realize that God is right here, right now. My very existence, physical and spiritual, IS God. There is nowhere that God is not.

There is nothing that God is not. Instead of trying to fight against the forms, which I presently call reality, now the path is to relax amidst the forms and sink into the experience of God. It is my practice to see myself as an essential piece of a great puzzle, of which every other piece is equally essential.

The forms of the pieces I see are irrelevant. I could see a tree, a newspaper, a story in the news, and a banana as secondary to the essential substance of which all these forms are made. The forms are nothing more than a result of Aether mechanics and the effect of mind adding interpretation to the forms. Knowing the laws of physics, I can alter the forms, and knowing the mind, I can alter my perceptions of the forms, if I should choose to do so.

As a result of the Aether Physics Model I'm able to pull together a lifetime of spiritual study and practice and integrate it with a lifetime of physical existence. Without this model I would still have the intellectual understanding of God as a spiritual being, but would not have seen the greater extent of God's being. Of course, there is likely much more to learn, but just this basic new knowledge was a major leap in my understanding and my practice.

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