Sunday, December 12, 2004


Today I had to put up a biography for the book. It was something I held off from as long as I could. If the world is a round hole, then I'm a square peg. I'm self-educated, choose not to get involved in the rat race, and enjoy my life to the max. So how can I possibly have a resume in the usual sense?

Not only that, but my early life was filled with paranormal experiences, and I still occasionaly have them today. It's okay to read about this stuff in novels, or watch an obviously fictionalized movie, but when someone insists these things happen in their life, they are weird. And it's true. I'm weird.

I have made it a habit to use truth as the rule and guide of my life. I'm not about to deviate from that now. But even though I am comfortable with my own weirdness, I'm not as comfortable with other people's weirdness. Like so many others, I like the comfort of conformity when I can get it. Now I'll probably get visits from Elvis, spokeswomen for Gray aliens, and the "Amazing" Randi. That's not an exciting prospect.

Oh well.

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