Saturday, May 15, 2010

Metaphysics and Physics

Underlying all physical existence is non-material existence. What is non-material existence? Magnetic fields, electrostatic fields, and gravitational fields are all measurable and yet non-material forms of existence. Velocity is measurable, and yet it is non-material. There are more forms of measurable and experiential non-material existence than there are physical objects.

Metaphysics is the scientific study of non-material reality. Just as physical existence is systematically studied through mathematics in physics, we can also devise a mathematically-based system of study for metaphysics. In fact, much of physics is already about studying non-material reality.

Where modern physics fails, however, is at its most fundamental level. It turns out the dimension of charge is improperly notated in our system of physics. Instead of a single dimension of charge being related to a single dimension of mass, all charge should be distributed relative to the dimension of mass. When this, and several resulting errors are corrected, a proper system of physics emerges, which allows us to measure non-material things such as feelings.

It is in the realm of feelings, which the mind has direct control of, where we can develop abilities exceeding our mechanical abilities.

The science for understanding metaphysics is being developed and published freely online. The study is open to collaboration and independent research. For an introduction to the sciences of Metaphysics and Physics as seen through the proper scientific paradigm, please read the book posted online at