Friday, April 06, 2012

Atom smasher collides particles at record energies | Fox News

Atom smasher collides particles at record energies | Fox News:

Again, we are hearing the latest wishful thinking about the LHC.  The story marvels about making particles go faster before smashing into each other.  To what effect?  To see even finer particles of  "dust?"

If we throw a wine glass at a brick wall with our hands and then do the same thing with an air cannon, we would naturally predict the glass shards will be smaller with the air cannon.  But how much money and time do we really need to spend on this?

No scientist has ever observed the pieces of a subatomic particle reassembling into a proton or neutron.  In fact, after the collision the collided particles disappear into nothing and are never seen again.  Matter is completely destroyed in these collisions and the scientists witness this fact before their very eyes.

If we wanted to see wine glasses being manufactured, we would not go to a brick-walled bar and hope to see migrant workers gluing the pieces back together.  No, we would go to a plant were silicon dioxide is melted and poured into molds.  If we want to see new subatomic particles being created, we would look at the Casimir effect (for electrons) and nuclear fusion (for protons and neutrons).

In the Casimir effect, new photons are witnessed being created from "the vacuum."  These are no virtual photons, but real photons as CERN finally had to admit.  Photons convert to electrons via the photoelectric effect.  Thus we witness the birth of new electrons.

In nuclear reactors, particularly the fast breeder reactors, physicists witness the creation of more matter than what is actually consumed in the nuclear process.  That is, new protons and neutrons have been added to the atomic nuclei.  This is where we would look for the creation of new protons and neutrons.

We will not find any new physics about the Universe by destroying perfectly good protons and neutrons in high speed accelerators.  We certainly cannot learn about how protons and neutrons are made using this technique.  We can only learn how to destroy them.

The Aether Physics Model provides the correct, mathematical view of quantum existence.  If scientists would study this model, they could make far more progress in physics in far less time and with far less dollars per experiment.