Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Quantum Vortices

In the December 17th, 2004 issue of Science magazine, page 2021, is an article titled, "The Quantum Perfect Storm."

...physicists have spotted... the merging of several tiny whirlpools of
current in a superconductor into a single "giant vortex.

Since they are talking about current, they are specifically talking about electrons. Oddly, the article never mentions electrons, as though a vortex is some kind of structure of its own. The article further states:

Whirlpools of current arise when a magnetic field penetrates a
superconductor, in which current flows without loss of energy. The
magnetic field threads the eyes of the "vortices," and thanks to quantum
mechanics, each vortex contains precisely one fundamental quantum of magnetic flux.

According to the Aether Physics Model, the vortex is actually a quantum unit of eddy current, which is equal to the square of the quantum magnetic flux of the electron. The magnetic field threads the eyes of the vortices, because in superconducting conditions, the Aether units are all perfectly magnetically aligned.

But what is most fascinating about this article, is that it shows how the various electrons form the vortices. Normally (room temperature conditions are inferred) , electrons form a triangular patters, offset from each other by about 120 degrees. Actually, this produces a hexagonal pattern, very similar to ice crystal formations.

When the superconducting conditions arise, the electrons all overlap each other producing a single structure, but with the total quantum magnetic flux of all the electrons involved. This type of structure supports the primary angular momentum structure of electrons as presented in the Aether Physics Model. This type of joined vortex structure also resembles the macro quantum structures produced by Kiril Chukanov in his Angelina device.

According to the Aether Physics Model, the Aether units must then be overlapping each other in a series of concentric rings. There could be important implications here for altering space-time in some manner.

My intuition also tells me there is a connection between the hexagonal structure of electrons in a semiconductor device and the hexagonal structure of water molecules. Also, the vorticular action of electrons is reminiscent of the vorticular action of water, as observed by Viktor Schauberger. Further, between my observation that Aether, and therefore onta, are living systems, and Masaru Emoto's observations that water responds as a living organism, it would seem that the structures of vortices are common to life forms. Even Viktor Schauberger considered water to be a life form.

So there are clues here for further research concerning life forms at different orders of reality.

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