Wednesday, December 15, 2004

RE: [SSConnection] Re: Come Together - The Mystery of Collective Intelligence (Ch 7) -- Jen

This is another reply to the list,

"Remember I was mentioning to you about all the various interpretations people have of the Christian Faith. There are so many now, one can lose count. What we need, I think, is the initiation of a group in dialogue, communicating to eventually form beliefs which then emulate to new knowledge (not known by all) as expressed above. This new knowledge then can be accessed to other like-minded groups. I think Christianity needs a big overhaul -- a belief system wherein all members have the same understanding. This new knowledge can then pass throughout others religions, as after all, the basic core belief is the same in all of them -- "I and my Father are One." (As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind) -- This thought could then be translated by the scientists who are saying "All is One." -- universal consciousness is man's consciousness."

It is my view, too, that we need a review of our religious beliefs.  But until we have something to use as a standard, we need to work on the standard by which we will judge our beliefs.

The Aether Physics Model was written by me, but the data belongs to the Universe.  I was merely the first person to put the pieces together in the right order.  The knowledge within the Aether Physics Model belongs to everyone.

It is my belief that the secrets now being revealed about the Aether can serve as a standard for reviewing our religions.  Within the Aether Physics Model we see that there IS an enormous force governing the world.  We also see that this force is related to a consciousness.  We can also see how we fit in to the greater plan.  But what this theory does not show are certain quirks associated with religions that serve as the basis for war.  For example, the theory does not show that Jesus is the son or daughter of God, at least not anymore than the rest of us.  The same goes for the other prophets.  The theory also does not indicate that one gender is more dominant than the other gender.  Nor does the theory indicate that a particular plot of land belongs to a particular race or culture of people.

What the theory does show is that:

  • there is ONE God,
  • that this one God gave rise to all physical existence,
  • that all physical existence is really not physical at all,
  • that we are all equal,
  • that there was life before birth and therefore also after death,
  • and that mind exists in 5 dimensions while the body exists in only 4.
Of course, the theory shows much more than that.  But what we see emerging is a neutral paradigm resembling more of the peaceful mystic's teachings, rather than the violent teachings of the victorious warlord.
That is one of my most favorite observations about the Aether Physics Model, and why I decided to share it with the world.  The Aether Physics Model is science that encourages world peace, whereas the present mass/energy paradigm was developed during war and encourages only bigger and more dangerous weapons of mass destruction.
The Aether Physics Model not only meets the needs of all scientists, but it also leads the masses in the direction of peace.  How could it be otherwise?  A physics that shows the physical Universe descends from the Mind of God is a constant reminder of our enlightened heritage and encourages people to find a way to best get to know this God.


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