Friday, December 23, 2011

Scientists Store Photon Patterns and Retrieve Them From the Same Space Days Later

Scientists Store Photon Patterns and Retrieve Them From the Same Space Days Later:

This story is particularly relevant to the Aether Physics Model. In Secrets of the Aether, I explain that the Aether is a five dimensional space-resonance structure in which space-time is a subset. There is an extra frequency dimension (frequency is reciprocal time) that light sees but which matter cannot see. Photons are able to pass into and out of this hidden time dimension.

As a result, it should be possible to build telescopes that not only see across space, but also to see across time. It would seem we are on our way to discovering such new technology.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kaluza Klein Theory

Kaluza Klein Theory: "In 1926 Oskar Klein extended this idea. Instead of assuming total independence of the extra dimension, he assumed it to be compact. This means the fifth dimension would have the topoloy of a circle, with a radius of the order of the Planck length. Five dimensional space-time then has the topology , and the fifth coordinate y is periodic, , where is the inverse radius of the circle. In our normal perception of space-time we would never be able to see this extra dimension."

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I'm learning something new every day. The five dimensional physics theory I found in Classical Mechanics was apparently proposed in 1919 by Theodor Kaluza. However, he saw the missing dimension as a curled length dimension. I show the five dimensions are the three dimensions of length and two dimensions of frequency.

What we perceive as time pertains only when observing matter. All matter composes of half-spin subatomic particles, which are unable to spin in the backward direction of quantum frequency. However, light is capable of existing in both forward and backward time, and thus exists within a five dimensional framework.

This means radio and light waves can be manipulated to reveal information in not only the present, but also the past and possibly a short duration into the future.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Has The 'God Particle' Been Found? Major Announcement Expected Tuesday | Fox News

Has The 'God Particle' Been Found? Major Announcement Expected Tuesday | Fox News: "This particle, which has long been theorized but never detected, is thought to give all other particles mass. "

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This "discovery" is the most absurd of all absurdities in the Standard Model. Mass is a dimension, not a material thing. To say that a particle gives other particles mass is as absurd as claiming to discover a length particle that gives matter length. It's just as absurd as the so-called "force particle" "bosons." Force is not caused by particles, either.

If they are going to say that mass is a particle, then time, length, and charge would also have to be particles. But they are not, they are dimensions. That is, they are properties of things, not things themselves.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cosmic Log - Faster-than-light neutrinos pass test

Cosmic Log - Faster-than-light neutrinos pass test:

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This experiment is more strong evidence for the existence of the Aether. Light will travel consistently at the speed of photons. However, neutrinos, which are dark matter and exist outside the fabric of spacetime, travel independent of the Aether's speed limit. All of this is quantified and explained in the Aether Physics Model.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Heartbreaker: Major Setback in Quest for 'God Particle' -

Like I have been saying for years, there is no Higgs Boson. Physical matter did not arise from physical matter. Physical matter arose from non-material, yet real, existence. The Aether Physics Model shows clearly how everything arose from the Singularity in a fractal-like manner.

Heartbreaker: Major Setback in Quest for 'God Particle' -

Friday, May 27, 2011

NASA - NASA'S Spitzer Sees Crystal "Rain" In Outer Clouds Of Infant Star

NASA - NASA'S Spitzer Sees Crystal "Rain" In Outer Clouds Of Infant Star

The Aether Physics Model shows the Casimir effect and both hot and cold fusion generate new matter. New materials are constantly being created in the Universe even as older materials are constantly being destroyed in the centers of galaxies through collapsing space (incorrectly called a super massive black hole in the Standard Model).

Small moons in our own solar system are witnessed as dispensing constant jets of water and other molecules into space. The Sun is both increasing in mass and ejecting material at the same time. And now NASA is witnessing a single molecule in abundance in a star forming region of space.

It is a wild stretch of the imagination to suggest a brand new forming star formed olivine molecules and then selectively blasted them into space, where they would be seen raining back down. It is more likely that conditions exist for new matter to form and produce a specific molecule. It would be kind of like a knitting machine that creates its own yarn to make sweaters. Similar processes likely create water molecules, hydrocarbons, and numerous other molecules that are found in veins and pools within the Earth.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Electron confounds predictions and remains stubbornly spherical

The Aether Physics Model reveals a complex structure for the electron. There is an electrostatic charge, which is spherical, and a magnet charge, which is toroidal. The geometry of the electron is not inherent, but is inherited from the space in which it resides.

Electrostatic charge actually belongs to the Aether unit. The electron is created when a string of dark matter is absorbed by an Aether unit. Thus the electron is a composite of dark matter and Aether, which results in visible matter.

The electrostatic charge of the electron exhibits the spherical property of the Aether electrostatic charge. The movement of the circular string of mass (dark matter) around the electrostatic charge creates magnetic charge.

When scientists measure only the electrostatic charge of the electron while looking for its shape, they see the spherical electrostatic charge of the Aether unit and then assume the electron is spherical. This is a mistake in perception caused from a limited perspective.

If they were to examine the geometry of the electron based upon its magnetic charge, rather than its electrostatic charge, they would see a toroidal shape.

The Standard Model does not yet acknowledge the property of magnetic charge, but attempts to describe magnetism in terms of moving electrostatic charge. Although the two types of charges are intimately related, they are nonetheless distinctly different physical properties.

When the two properties are properly understood and quantified, as in the Aether Phyiscs Model, then it becomes possible to properly unify all the fundamental forces. The weak interaction is seen as a ratio of the electrostatic to magnetic charge carriers and not as a "dimensionless force," as the Standard Model describes it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Physicists discover new quantum state of water -

Physicists discover new quantum state of water -

In this article, physicists realize that the binding of hydrogen to oxygen in water cannot be fully explained only with electrostatic force. But instead of accepting there is a magnetic charge in the hydrogen and oxygen atoms contributing to the binding, they are looking for a solution in potential wells and in the probability functions of quantum mechanics.

The Aether Physics Model suggests the extra force between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms is due to the magnetic force associated with protons and electrons. The net magnetic force within an atom can be neutralized, the same as can the electrostatic force. However, due to geometry and uneven pairing of quantum particles, atoms can have net magnetic field strength.

This allows for binding between atoms either directly through permanent magnetism (as in certain iron, nickel, and other magnetic isotopes) or indirectly through paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

Even if the mainstream has not accepted the APM, their experiments and observations continue to provide evidence in its favor.

Thermal Casimir force seen for the first time -

Thermal Casimir force seen for the first time -

More experiments on the Casimir force have been performed. What the results show is that the earlier belief that the Casimir force dropped off with the cube of the distance has been proven wrong. In fact, the Casimir force does drop off with the distance squared, just as the electrostatic force does, but at a different rate.

Instead of admitting they were wrong, Steven Lamoreaux and others are now saying they have proven yet another type of force; the thermal Casimir force. Although the data is undoubtedly of high caliber, the interpretation of the data follows the same nonsense as earlier interpretations and only makes physics even more complicated.

It would be instructive for the scientists to compare their results to the predictions of the Aether Phyisics Model, which precisely quantifies the Casimir force in terms of the newly identified electromagnetic charge. I would wager the APM would predict the force exactly, and not merely close as all the other theories claim. This is clearly an opportunity to silence me if the results prove the APM incorrect.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Electron angular momentum causes spirals in free space

NIST has again helped the Aether Physics Model.

"Passing electrons through a nanometer-scale grating, the scientists imparted the resulting electron waves with so much orbital momentum that they maintained a corkscrew shape in free space."

The Aether Physics Model explains the structure of subatomic particles as having toroidal geometry.  This toroidal geometry is dynamically scanned, rather than being a static donut.  The scanning of the toroidal shape is what gives the electron its intrinsic angular momentum.

The only way the electron can maintain a corkscrew shape in "free space" (aka Aether) is if the structures of the electron and the space allow it.  If the electron was a point particle, there would be no basis for this corkscrew behavior, as there is nothing the electron could orbit that could impart the property of angular momentum.  The electron's behavior can only be explained if the angular momentum is inherent to the electron, as described in the Aether Physics Model.

"A beam of corkscrew-shaped electrons, when interacting with a specimen, can exert torque on the material, by exchanging angular momentum with its atoms.  In this way, the corkscrew electrons could obtain more information in the process than beams with ordinary electrons, which do not carry this orbital angular momentum."

This truly is a novel technique for extending the usefulness of the electron, but it is not physically explainable with the Standard Model of Physics.