Monday, May 12, 2008

Magnetic Scalar Wave Detector

For years, I have been observing solar and gamma ray burst (GRB) data. GRBs are bursts of high energy gamma photons, which mostly are produced by supernovas throughout the Universe. According to the Aether Physics Model, when the core of a star becomes too dense, it implodes briefly as a black hole implosion event. After a few minutes or hours, the implosion process is complete and no black hole remains. In fact, the surrounding Aether (space-time) rushes in to fill the void and then rebounds with a magnetic tsunami that radiates all across the Universe. At the same time, the distances between subatomic particles change such that the Casimir effect comes into play big time. As old matter is collapsing, new matter is being generated via the Casimir effect.

This new matter manifests first as photons. There are so many of them produced at once and in succession, that they possess what is called gamma ray energy levels. The magnetic tsunami and GRB race across the Universe, together. Most of the time, the gravity waves travel faster than the gamma rays. Eventually, the magnetic tsunami will arrive at the Sun and cause a peculiar pattern of solar x-ray spikes.

Modern physics prefers to explain everything in terms of mass, energy, and gravity. Thus, the magnetic tsunami is called a gravity wave by modern physics. They are both one and the same, but orthogonal views of each other as explained by the APM.

This week, I have built a magnetic scalar wave detector, which measures the time the magnetic tsunamis (gravity waves) impact the Earth. Today, May 12, we had our first magnetic tsunami pass through since I was recording data. The new magnetic scalar wave detector detected the gravity waves. Other data support this conclusion.

Further, it appears this magnetic scalar wave detector also detects lightning and possibly detects earthquake precursor signals. A brief presentation of the data and the raw data file is available at:

This is an important scientific discovery with many implications for science and saving lives. Let us get the message out so that the scientific community has to listen to us and take this Aether Physics Model seriously.