Friday, May 27, 2011

NASA - NASA'S Spitzer Sees Crystal "Rain" In Outer Clouds Of Infant Star

NASA - NASA'S Spitzer Sees Crystal "Rain" In Outer Clouds Of Infant Star

The Aether Physics Model shows the Casimir effect and both hot and cold fusion generate new matter. New materials are constantly being created in the Universe even as older materials are constantly being destroyed in the centers of galaxies through collapsing space (incorrectly called a super massive black hole in the Standard Model).

Small moons in our own solar system are witnessed as dispensing constant jets of water and other molecules into space. The Sun is both increasing in mass and ejecting material at the same time. And now NASA is witnessing a single molecule in abundance in a star forming region of space.

It is a wild stretch of the imagination to suggest a brand new forming star formed olivine molecules and then selectively blasted them into space, where they would be seen raining back down. It is more likely that conditions exist for new matter to form and produce a specific molecule. It would be kind of like a knitting machine that creates its own yarn to make sweaters. Similar processes likely create water molecules, hydrocarbons, and numerous other molecules that are found in veins and pools within the Earth.

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