Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thermal Casimir force seen for the first time -

Thermal Casimir force seen for the first time -

More experiments on the Casimir force have been performed. What the results show is that the earlier belief that the Casimir force dropped off with the cube of the distance has been proven wrong. In fact, the Casimir force does drop off with the distance squared, just as the electrostatic force does, but at a different rate.

Instead of admitting they were wrong, Steven Lamoreaux and others are now saying they have proven yet another type of force; the thermal Casimir force. Although the data is undoubtedly of high caliber, the interpretation of the data follows the same nonsense as earlier interpretations and only makes physics even more complicated.

It would be instructive for the scientists to compare their results to the predictions of the Aether Phyisics Model, which precisely quantifies the Casimir force in terms of the newly identified electromagnetic charge. I would wager the APM would predict the force exactly, and not merely close as all the other theories claim. This is clearly an opportunity to silence me if the results prove the APM incorrect.

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