Thursday, February 10, 2011

Physicists discover new quantum state of water -

Physicists discover new quantum state of water -

In this article, physicists realize that the binding of hydrogen to oxygen in water cannot be fully explained only with electrostatic force. But instead of accepting there is a magnetic charge in the hydrogen and oxygen atoms contributing to the binding, they are looking for a solution in potential wells and in the probability functions of quantum mechanics.

The Aether Physics Model suggests the extra force between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms is due to the magnetic force associated with protons and electrons. The net magnetic force within an atom can be neutralized, the same as can the electrostatic force. However, due to geometry and uneven pairing of quantum particles, atoms can have net magnetic field strength.

This allows for binding between atoms either directly through permanent magnetism (as in certain iron, nickel, and other magnetic isotopes) or indirectly through paramagnetism and diamagnetism.

Even if the mainstream has not accepted the APM, their experiments and observations continue to provide evidence in its favor.

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larryduane100 said...

Is it possible to create a magnet with only one pole by coating half of said magnet with an antiferromagnetic substance such as chrome? The magnet being damped on one pole, essentially.
Larry White