Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kaluza Klein Theory

Kaluza Klein Theory: "In 1926 Oskar Klein extended this idea. Instead of assuming total independence of the extra dimension, he assumed it to be compact. This means the fifth dimension would have the topoloy of a circle, with a radius of the order of the Planck length. Five dimensional space-time then has the topology , and the fifth coordinate y is periodic, , where is the inverse radius of the circle. In our normal perception of space-time we would never be able to see this extra dimension."

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I'm learning something new every day. The five dimensional physics theory I found in Classical Mechanics was apparently proposed in 1919 by Theodor Kaluza. However, he saw the missing dimension as a curled length dimension. I show the five dimensions are the three dimensions of length and two dimensions of frequency.

What we perceive as time pertains only when observing matter. All matter composes of half-spin subatomic particles, which are unable to spin in the backward direction of quantum frequency. However, light is capable of existing in both forward and backward time, and thus exists within a five dimensional framework.

This means radio and light waves can be manipulated to reveal information in not only the present, but also the past and possibly a short duration into the future.

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