Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Empty Eruption"?

According to the Standard Model, magnetism is a property of matter, it is not a substance of itself.  Yet, when science observation shows that magnetism is indeed a substance of itself, scientists have no problem saying so.  The following is from
This was an "empty eruption." It hurled no significant cloud of plasma into space. Imagine something exploding with more power than ten atomic bombs and not producing a spray of debris. That's essentially what happened here. The loop was made of more magnetism than matter.
Magnetism is empty space, hence it produces an empty eruption when it explodes.  So it is very clear that magnetism is real and has real properties, which releases real energy.  But what is this empty space that it could release so much energy?

The empty space is Aether, the non-material substance that carries light across the Universe and which physicists claim does not exist.  And despite the constant denials, physicists continually observe empty space doing work such as with phonons, magnetic fields, electrostatic fields, gravitational fields, spins, and other observable non-material forms of reality.

How much longer will it be before Aether is welcomed back into mainstream science?

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