Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scientific Discovery Too Hard - Turning in the Towel

It looks like new discoveries in mainstream physics is nearing the end.
Russell Stannard, professor emeritus of physics at the Open University, argues that although existing scientific knowledge will continue to be applied in news ways, "the gaining of knowledge about fundamental laws of nature and the constituents of the world, that must come to an end”.
Too bad. If they would study the Aether Physics Model and see that their charge notation is wrong, and that there are two quantifiable fundamental charges (electrostatic charge and magnetic charge), they would be making new fundamental discoveries. Furthermore, science would suddenly become easy to understand, and agree with common sense.

Instead of spending billions of dollars and wasting thousands of top-rate scientists time by working on particle accelerators designed to find non-existent particles, they could be reworking the foundations of physics to fix its errors.

But try to show these same physicists their errors and their feelings get hurt. They become incredibly defensive and extremely rude. Instead of admitting error, they build bigger machines, spend more money, and waste more time. They are like little children who have not been taught humility.

Eventually, the one-track-minded scientists will die off and younger, more flexible minds will fill their prestigious seats. Won't they be shocked when they see the proper foundations for physics were long ignored, even though they were made plainly visible on the Internet?

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