Sunday, December 05, 2010

Radiation ripples show the Big Bang theory is wrong.

Scientists have found rings of radiation in the cosmos that may be older than the Big Bang, suggesting that event was just the latest in a series of rebirths, Wired reports.
What the evidence really suggests is that the Universe is eternal, as the Aether Physics Model suggests.

The Big Bang theory absurdly claims all matter matter in the Universe exploded out of a point smaller than an atom. The estimate for the beginning time of this explosion has varied from 13 billion years ago to 20 billion years ago, depending upon where in the Universe one looks.

The large bands of dark matter, if they exist, are more likely to be caused by random magnetic, electrostatic, and gravitational structures that occur at huge scales, which would mirror that randomly spread clusters of galaxies throughout the visible Universe.

Another failure of the Big Bang theory is that there is no apparent edge to the Universe. The stronger telescopes are made, the further they can see, with no end in sight.

The article tries to spin the lack of Big Bang evidence into a new theory where concentric circles are born from the same location in the Universe, which would mean there would be something magical about that location. And then concludes with this sentence, "However he added that there was not enough detail to assess the reality of the circles yet." In other words, there is no more evidence for the concentric circles than there is for the Big Bang.

The Aether Physics Model shows that the Universe is continually expanding and contracting at the same time. The outer rings of galaxies expand with new matter, and the centers of galaxies implode old matter, which causes the galactic spirals to occur. Dark matter is nothing more than visible matter losing its charge when the space-time around it collapses. Visible matter is dark matter that gains charge when new Aether is generated during the Casimir effect and fusion.

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mr person said...

There is a real God that created us all and He has once visited me in reality. Jesus is the backup plan for saving humanity from hell. God could have used any process; big, small or medium-bang to create our universe but to believe that the universe created itself from the laws of gravity defiles all common and uncommon sense because even the laws of physics states that a body would continue in its state of rest or if moving, will continue to move with a uniform velocity on a straight line unless it is acted upon by an external force. so the question is what external force ignited the big-bang? it must have been a extraordinary intelligence that is not constrained by the gravitational force of our universe...God