Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vajra Periodic Table

Today, I have released the new Vajra Periodic Table for the Aether Physics Model. The purpose of this periodic table is to provide a visual reference to researchers trying to discover the nuclear binding energy equation.

Fernando Dufour came up with the general concept in his 3D Periodic Table, however, his model places all the elements to the same side of the hydrogen atom. It seemed to me that this is not the natural state of atomic construction. Atomic construction should be symmetrical, and so I began drawing images of a symmetrical periodic table until this form manifested.

What struck me about the finished layout is that the overall design resembled the ancient Vajra concept. It almost seems as though the ancients already knew how atoms constructed within the Aether. So I named the periodic table after the ancient Vajra model.

You can purchase a wall print of this Periodic Table in just about any size at Zazzle.  The poster was designed to be 42.5" by 32.5" and is in high resolution in the print format.

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