Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot Fusion Confusion

When researchers demonstrate cold fusion in their labs with real data, they are derided as being delusional cranks who don't understand physics. When hot fusion researchers spend a billion dollars on the brightest scientists and top technology to produce the theoretical hot fusion of the Standard Model and get zero results, then progress is being made because the money was successfully spent.

The New York Times released an article on May 26, 2009 titled In Hot Pursuit of Fusion (or Folly).
In February, NIF fired its 192 beams into its target chamber for the first time, and it now has the world’s most powerful laser, as well as the largest optical instrument ever built. But raising its energies still further to the point of ignition could take a year or more of experimentation and might, officials concede, prove daunting and perhaps impossible.

For all the hype about the success of the Standard Model, it is failing spectacularly. Billions of dollars, thousands of top scientists, and years of research and engineering are being wasted on Gravitational Wave detectors (I detect gravity waves with home built equipment) and Hot Fusion ignition.

The Aether Physics Model clearly shows fusion is actually a proton version of the Casimir effect. Two protons, held a quantum distance apart and magnetically aligned, cause the intervening Aether to oscillate and absorb a proton's quantity of dark matter to produce a proton. The initial state of this new creation is a proton-sized photon. In the Sun's corona, these photons radiate away as light. When the process occurs inside an atom, the photon is converted to a proton and actually increases the amount of matter in the Universe. Hence, stars literally grow in size, as do planets and other bodies in the Universe.

Plants and animals routinely convert atoms from one element to another via biological transmutations. By exchanging hydrogen and oxygen nuclei, plants and animals manufacture the elements they need by manipulating the atoms' geometry. That is why it takes so little heat for simple life forms to fuse or break apart atoms.

Simple life forms apparently have the ability to manipulate atomic structures. To compare the approach of a simple life form to a Standard Model scientist, the simple life form unlocks a padlock with a key, whereas the scientist attempts to blow it open with dynamite. The Aether Physics Model shows us the approach to atomic structures that nature uses, whereas the approach of the Standard Model is strictly destructive.

The Standard Model of physics does not recognize the geometry of subatomic particles or atoms. All matter is considered to be a trade off between the dimension of mass and the unit of energy. The Standard Model is merely a poetic theory, as opposed to the discrete theory of the Aether Physics Model.


brendandmurphy said...

Hi David, looks like some very interesting stuff you're doing. I'm looking forward to getting Secret of the Aether. Can you comment a little on this other book your writing on the aether and metaphysics? When do you think it will become available to buy?

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David Thomson said...

I need to finish building my house/workshop this summer, then I have lots of web updates to make. After that, I plan to finish the second book and makes some videos. It could be well into 2010 before I'm ready to publish.
The second book expands on the concept of conductance as feeling. This leads to practices such as martial arts, health, Feng Shui, astrology, and generally any field of study involving sensitivity to the environment and developing the use of one's feelings.

Cloud Tiger said...

Fabulous work, David!

Really exciting to read your 2nd book's contents...

Yes, so needed.

Please be advised [astrology and all cycle data confirms] that inertia, the masses' belief in the system, in 2010 will bring more shocks and crashes... June is looking like a major downturn for the dollar and US economy. By the end of 2012, if not earlier, hyperinflation will have set in and US will be under martial law.

The wonderful list of your new book's contents contain all you need to open to the Power of Love to prosper and get that book published in record time!

All the best,
Love and Light (in a NOW Age way!)


Daniel Peter Skipp