Saturday, May 02, 2009

Aether in Space is Fluid

The Aether Physics Model quantifies all space as Aether. The Aether has a quantum state, which is a quantum rotating magnetic field. The quantum Aether unit behaves like a solid, whereas the aggregate of Aether units behaves as fluid and gas. When excited, the Aether also behaves as a plasma.

Magnetic and electrostatic fields are structures of Aether units. These structures can be nanoscale small, or galactically huge. As space science develops, we are seeing more evidence demonstrating the electric and magnetic effects that Aether exhibits among planets, star systems, and galaxies.

UC Berkeley News reports that magnetic tornadoes have been observed in space. The THEMIS probe cluster has orbited through these magnetic tornadoes, which interact electrically with the Earth. Auroras are one manifestation of the magnetic tornadoes in space.

According to the UC Berkeley article, "Space tornadoes, however, generate huge amounts of electrical currents inside the funnel. These currents flow along twisted magnetic field lines from space into the ionosphere where they power several processes..."

Mainstream science tells us the Aether does not exist because it is not physical. However, mainstream science talks about "electrical currents" and "twisted magnetic field lines" as though they were physical objects. It is true that flowing electrons and charged particles can behave with the property of current, but current is not a physical object of itself. Also, magnetic field lines are considered by mainstream science to be mathematical structures, not physical structures. Like the Aether, magnetic flux lines are non-material. Students of the Aether Physics Model clearly understand that magnetic flux lines are Aether structures. So the acknowledgement of the reality of magnetic flux lines is the acknowledgement of the reality of Aether!

Mainstream science tells us there is no such thing as Aether, even though scientists talk about magnetic and electric structures as though they were physical objects. The more science learns the truth about existence, the closer they are getting to returning to the Aether theories of the past. How much more strain can mainstream science take before they are forced to recognize the Aether Physics Model?

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