Monday, January 18, 2010

Aether Structures in Light? Who would have thought?

The Aether Physics Model induces the geometry of a quantum Aether unit as a tubular loxodrome. The Aether unit encapsulates dark matter to produce electrons and protons. The Aether unit also carries angular momentum from electrons and positrons, which is a photon. That is, photons have the geometry of Aether units.

Naturally, it was just a matter of time before scientists discovered that photons and light have the geometry of Aether units. That is exactly what appears to be the case as posted in a recent article on Live Science. The so-called "knots" are identical to Aether unit geometry.

In an earlier story on Live Science, it was shown that light in nanoscale structures exhibits force. This is evidence for the electron-positron angular momentum stored in photons. The electron-positron angular momentum activates the Aether's electrostatic and electromagnetic dipoles. By manipulating the angles of photons, one can create both attractive and repulsive forces between photons.


Jim said...


It's astounding to me how modern physics can plow forward when it is so obviously flawed.

Amazingly physics is not the only science completely lost. Economics is equally befuddled by strong minds wasted on bad theories.

Although I know less about it, medicine seems to be equally chasing its tail.

What they all seem to have in common is massive government funding fueling the status quo.

Keep putting the truth out and it will prevail in time.


Art Unwin said...

I have a patent on this.I made the
static field (mks) dynamic to make it applicable to Maxwells laws. A brand new beginning on antennas.Also have another patent where this find is used
see unwinantennas on the net
Art unwin