Monday, September 04, 2006

We're Going to London!

Jim Bourassa and I have been invited to speak at the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) conference in London this week. The conference is held at Imperial College, runs from September 8 - 11, and includes dozens of Relativity scientists from around the world. According to the PIRT brochure, the purpose of the conference is:

"The object of the conference is to examine physical theories, models, and interpretations of the accepted Relativistic Formal Structure, including recently proposed ether-type theories and analogues. It is intended to review the fruitfulness of orthodox Relativity, as developed from the Einstein-Minkowski formulation, and to suggest how history and philosophy of science clarify the relationship between the accepted relativistic formal structure and the various physical interpretations associated with it."

Our presentation will outline the highlights of the Aether Physics Model as explained in our white paper, A New Foundation for Physics. It includes a PowerPoint presentation and brochure, which we intend to distribute before the talk.

Jim and I are very grateful for being invited and believe we will deliver exactly what physicists have been looking for, even if it isn't what the mainstream wanted to see.

Those who have been following the development of the Aether Physics Model, know we have quantified the structure of space-time as Aether from the same empirically derived constants used by modern physics. We also have quantified matter, itself. And to complete our physical Theory of Everything, we have also unified all the forces into a simple, Newtonian type Unified Force Theory.

We will be making history as we present to the scientific community the final fundamental theory of how physical matter began. The Aether Physics Model ties together all the previous fundamental discoveries and adds the remaining, and previously missing, strong force laws.

We also explain that General Relativity has an electrical analog, in addition to the mechanical analog presented by Albert Einstein. General Relativity does not supersede Sir Isaac Newton's gravitational law, but quantifies the effects of stretched space-time, which is caused by nuclear binding. Condensed nuclear binding is directly the cause of high mass density, which corresponds to the stretching of the fabric of space-time (Aether).

We are looking forward to exchanging ideas and making new contacts with the esteemed physicsists, mathematicians, and philosophers who will be in attendance.

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