Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PIRT Conference a Success

We thank Dr. M.C. Duffy for inviting us to the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory conference to present our paper, A New Foundation for Physics. More than 50 engineers, physicists, and chemists presented their own papers. Several of the papers presented related in some way to the Aether Physics Model, and we are following up by studying these papers in greater detail.

For some reason, the papers of all the physicists were not made available before the conference. This made it somewhat difficult for us to prepare for other's presentations, and others to prepare for ours. However, due to some last minute networking, we managed to find several scientists interested in looking further into the Aether Physics Model. These scientists, in turn, have put us in contact with yet others who have been working along similar theories.

In addition, our paper will be published with the conference proceedings, which will allow future researchers to further investigate the theory.

It is only fair to say that not everybody was interested in the Aether Physics Model. One scientist refused to even discuss the theory with me, simply because I did not have a degree. It was a stark reminder that some scientists are just as prejudiced in person, as they are on the Internet. But such trivial setbacks are meaningless when 12 others listened with interest. Perhaps others would have shown more interest in the theory if it weren't for the language barriers.

Still, we would have been delighted to have just one person show deep interest. To have 12 scientists show interest was very good.

We are now busy following up on all the new knowledge we encountered, and also actively discussing the theory with several qualified scientists. Stay tuned for new developments.

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