Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Santilli Magnecules and the APM

A new type of water molecule has been discovered, which exhibits macro Aether structure. It is said to have a structure called a "Santilli Magnecule." A preliminary paper is being written about this new type of water molecule, called HHO. Below is an excerpt from the paper:

The new species required the identification of a new attractive force among atomic constituents that is not of valence type as a central condition, thus occurring among atoms irrespective of whether valence electrons are available or not.

The solution proposed in Refs. [3,5c] was the use of an external magnetic field sufficient to create the polarization of atomic orbitals into toroids (see Fig. 13), as a result of which the orbiting electrons create a magnetic moment along the symmetry axis of the toroid, which magnetic field is nonexisting in the conventional spherical distribution of the same orbitals.

Individual toroidal polarizations are, individually, extremely unstable because the spherical distribution is recovered in nanoseconds following the removal of the external magnetic field due to temperature related effects. Nevertheless, when two or more toroidal polarizations are bonded together by opposing magnetic polarities North–South–North–South– etc. as (see Fig. 16), spherical distributions are again recovered in nanoseconds following the removal of the external magnetic field, but this time such distribution occurs for the bounded pair as a whole.

The above statements indicate that the new water magnecule (HHO) develops its structure from the fabric of space-time, itself, the Aether. The Aether Physics Model clearly shows the toroidal structure of space-time and how subatomic and atomic structures develop from it.

Future discoveries regarding HHO will likely be applied to the Aether Physics Model for determing similar magnecule structural possibilities, and further producing new and exotic materials.

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Fryer said...

Would the discovery of this new water molecule be related in any way to the water that has been created using the water traps described at the address below?

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