Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Quasars and the APM

In a recent article at Science Daily, a paper examining Quasars and their "intrinsic magnetic moment" provided further evidence in support of the Aether Physics Model.

"This quasar appears to be dynamically dominated by a magnetic field internally anchored to its central, rotating supermassive compact object," Schild said.

Further evidence for the importance of the quasar's internally anchored magnetic field is found in surrounding structures. For example, the inner region closest to the Quasar appears to have been swept clean of material.

The inner edge of the accretion disk, located about 2,000 astronomical units from the central compact object, is heated to incandescence and glows brightly.

Both effects are the physical signatures of a swirling, internal magnetic field being pulled around by the rotation of the central compact object - a phenomenon dubbed the magnetic propeller effect.

The so-called, "central, rotating supermassive compact object," appears to be the same structure as Kiril Chukanov's Quantum Macro Objects (QMO), but on a much larger scale. The QMO is a spherical, two dimensional macro version of a subatomic particle. The accretion disk is full of half-spin matter (protons, electrons, and neutrons) in the form of planets, stars, and other galactic objects. The combination of these structures produces an Aether fabric, which is a macro version of the quantum rotating magnetic field.

Whereas the scientists accurately describe the "inherent" or "intrinsic" rotating magnetic field of the matter, what they are really observing is the optimized Aether exerting a macro rotating magnetic field effect on the Quasar system.

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