Monday, May 01, 2006

"Trickle Up" Theory of Scientific Recognition

It is difficult working for over four years on a new quantum physics paradigm and encountering so much resistance in the form of professional jealousy and ignorant skepticism. Even though our Aether Physics Model is mathematically correct and based upon the same empirically derived constants of the Standard Model, persons qualified to judge the APM are strangely quiet in being the first to get their feet wet.

We have had many PhD physicists give us private accolades for developing a bold, fresh, and far simpler system of quantum physics. We have even had several individuals, who were bright enough to read and understand the theory, promote it on their own. But it has now come to our attention that India Daily printed an article last August incorporating key elements of our work. Of course, we are flattered, even though we did not receive credit for those key elements. And it does not bother us that UFOs and a new kind of life were thrown in. We have to start somewhere, as even the top of a mountain is reached only after taking the first step at the bottom.

We hope to see more public discussion of the Aether Physics Model as we witness the present increase in search keywords, which are unique to the theory.

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