Thursday, May 25, 2006

Philosophical Views of the Aether

I have posted a chapter from Secrets of the Aether online on my personal views web site. This chapter from the book is an introduction into some of the philosophical questions the Aether Physics Model may answer. Tonight I also wrote a couple more pages, which are linked from the Science as Religion page. The pages are Seeing Aether and Seeing Through Aether. These two pages are meant to be read in order.

Basically, the Aether is more than just a mathematical model of space-time. It is the very fabric of space-time. Further, there is a strong link between the Aether and the property of emotions, which is quantified in the APM as conductance. According to the hypothesis presented in the theory, conductance is emotion, which is why neuroscientists can directly measure a person's emotions through conductance.

The pages I wrote today give an idea about the practical applications of an Aether theory in spiritual development. Understanding the Aether also gives us a tremendous tool for understanding the so-called "psychic" phenomena.

One's spiritual life is not separate from one's physical life. The Aether Physics Model shows how they are intimately connected. The APM also shows how physics can help us to find meaning in life.

The reason these pages are on my personal views web site is because they represent exactly that, my personal views. I don't wish to convolute the physical aspects of the theory with the philosophical aspects. Most people studying the APM will be interested only in the objective view of the theory, which means they only want to understand how physical objects are structured and how they work.

Nonetheless, I am interested in discussing the philosophical aspects of the APM with those who are interested. You can either post to or contact me through this blog.

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