Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mind-like Qualities of Aether

This post is from an exchange between my dad and I.
1) Is the momentum of the Aether a state of directional (laminar enveloping) or radial flow (possibly both ?) from an epicenter; or is it a self enveloping state such as that of a water boil chaotic state. (disregard any inference of matter or temperature).

When we think of momentum, we are taught to think of mass times velocity. Since mass is inertia, we could say that momentum is inertia that is moving. But many people also think of momentum as inertia that is not moving, or in other words, momentum and inertia appear to them as the same thing. Similarly, acceleration is sometimes thought of as a kind of momentum, as is energy, force, and angular momentum.

The Aether has many qualities, of which direction and radial flow both apply. In fact, the Aether is the unit of existence in which ALL the various qualities of existence come together at once. This can be seen in that the Aether unit has one dimension of mass, two dimensions of frequency, three dimensions of length, and four dimensions of charge. Every possible combination of dimensions that produce the units of existence we are familiar with (momentum, force, energy, etc.) exists within the Aether unit.

Most people understand how a single dimension of length (line), two dimensions of length (surface or area), and three dimensions of length (volume) are various manifestations of the dimension of length. Each new dimension is orthogonal (at right angles) to the other. There can only be three dimensions of length before all the orthogonal positions for length are taken.

As of this moment, there are extremely few people who understand the dimension of frequency and how it produces the illusion of linear time through half spin onta. The time dimension is then artificially imagined to be a real progression from a real past toward a real future. The concept of flow is thus seen as volume per time. But in reality, flow is volume that repeats itself (volume times frequency).

When we visualize volume per time, we tend to imagine a volume moving through linear time. And sure enough, if we open the faucet on our sink, we can conceptualize a volume of water emerging over time.

But at the quantum level, at the level of the Aether, there are two frequency dimensions, not one time dimension. One of the frequency dimensions alternates between forward and backward time. The other frequency dimension moves in either right or left spin time. Neither of these concepts are fully understood in modern physics, and yet they are foundational to the Aether Physics Model. In just the Aether unit, itself, all four of these combinations of frequency exist; forward-left spin, backward left-spin, forward right-spin, and backward right-spin. Of these four possibilities of frequency dimensions, we experience only one of them on a normal basis, the forward left-spin.

The above scenario is further complicated in that the Aether is polarized into two separate spheres of electrostatic charge. So the four spin positions above are duplicated on two separate spheres, resulting in a total of eight spin positions for dark matter to fill.

However, since onta cannot experience the forward time and backward time directions simultaneously, we can only see matter in four of the eight spin positions. Further, right hand spin (antimatter) and left hand spin (matter) spin positions annihilate each other, so we only experience two of the spin positions in our normal daily existence.

It is the forward left spin position of onta, on two different electrostatic spheres, that makes up almost every bit of the physical world we experience. These two spin positions produce the electron and proton. And since all these electrons and protons are spinning only in the forward direction of time, we perceive the illusion of linear time. To our perception, the electron and proton are dormant when the Aether is in backward time mode. Thus the onta (and all the forms they manifest) act like time diodes and show us a pulsed, linear forward time.

So back to your question about the momentum of the Aether. The Aether is perfectly balanced. There is no net momentum in the Aether because forward time is instantly alternated with backward time. From the perspective of the Aether, all existence is merely potential existence. To the Aether, there is no forward or backward flow of time, therefore there is no momentum, energy, or force as we perceive it. To the Aether, all exists as thoughts which are imagined. And in this sense, we can say that the Aether is not separate from the stuff our mind is made from.

So just as you can imagine walking and then make your body do the act, the Aether can imagine the Universe and make dark matter do the act, although it is not imagining on a personal level as we do. The imagination of the Aether takes place at a much more fundamental level of reality than does our human imagination.

So the momentum of the Aether has more of the quality of "willingness" than it does momentum of a material nature. In this sense, you could say it more resembles the boiling water analogy.
2) In a free state, is the Aether ever expanding or contracting, or is there a finite limit. If the is no finite limit , does the Aether envelope within itself to produce another state of physics beyond current thinking? (ie. Possibly another existing parallel universal system and /or alternate life forms of non-physical stature)

The Aether is ever expanding AND ever collapsing. At times there is more expanding taking place, at other times there is more collapsing taking place.

The Gforce acts on dimensions to produce Aether. The Casimir effect catalyzes both the creation of Aether and absorption of dark matter into the Aether. Thus the Casimir effect causes the physical Universe to expand. But as mass densities in the physical Universe become too great, portions of the physical Universe collapse as a black hole, tearing the Aether along with it. The Aether, being a rotating magnetic field, simply ceases to exist. The dark matter drains back into the great sea of dark matter where it will eventually be absorbed back into the Aether again.

Unless it is found that dark matter can be created, it would seem that the physical Universe is forever limited in how large it can become. Presently, between 70% and 95% of the total mass of the Universe is calculated to be dark matter and the Universe is expanding. This would imply we are in the early stages of Universe growth. At some point, when too much dark matter is embodied as onta, the Universe will tend to shrink for a long period of time. This process could go on through eternity, and likely has.

As for parallel universes, they may be possible. Our Universe is made up of just two out of eight spin positions. It is quite possible that there is another Universe made up of antimatter, and it would be visible to us since photons of matter and antimatter are identical. Then there is also the possibility that the backward time matter and antimatter make up two more physical universes. So there may be four distinct physical universes. We could prove this if entire galaxies consisting entirely of antimatter were discovered. I think it is likely they do exist.

3) Lastly, In a free state if the Aether envelopes within itself, is this an Aether point of momentum light variance that increases the occurrence potential to produce the detectable existence within the infinite various bands of the visible/non-visible light spectrum as the state passes within itself. (ex. Energetic waves in a bowl of water).

Aether, although it is non-material, has a very specific form of existence. The Aether existence precedes the existence of light and energy. Light and energy occur only after dark matter has been absorbed into the Aether. The Aether is pure potential. Everything that can possibly occur physically, must occur within the Aether.

However, the Aether is in no way a physical thing. It is the container in which physical existence might occur. This is not different from the mind. The mind is the container in which all concepts and emotions might occur, but the mind is neither concept nor emotion.

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