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Evidence for the Existence of God

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Evidence for the Existence of God

Lately there have been several people demanding of others proof for the existence of a Creator God. Quoting from another poster to this newsgroup, Einstein said, "Certain it is that a conviction, akin to religious feeling, of the rationality and intelligibility of the world lies behind all scientific work of a higher order. The firm belief, which is bound up with deep feeling, in a superior mind revealing himself in the world of experience, represents my conception of God, which may, therefore be described in common parlance as `pantheistic' (Spinoza)." (FROM: Einstein, The World as I See It, London, 1955, p. 131.

Searching Google we see that Pantheism is the belief that God exists within the world, being both the Creator and the created. So, if God truly exists, we will see evidence of God in quantum physics, which is the very foundation upon which physical existence evolved.

Physicists are smart. If such evidence were present, certainly Albert Einstein and others who held Pantheistic beliefs would have found such evidence. But what if certain facts weren’t known during Einstein’s time? What if physics itself was founded with a couple errors, minor, but significant?

Coulomb’s constant and Newton’s gravitational constant were known to a fair degree of accuracy in Einstein’s time. But the speed of light, permeability constant, and permittivity constant were not known so accurately. Nor did physics ever discover the conductance constant of free space and find its use. But had Einstein had access to these accurate constants, he would have noticed the following relationship involving Coulomb’s constant:

k.C = c * Cd * u.0 / e.0

Where k.C is Coulomb’s constant, c is the speed of light, Cd is the conductance constant (2.112 x 10^-4 Siemens), u.0 is the permeability constant, and e.0 is the permittivity constant. Einstein would then have marveled at the construction of Coulomb’s constant in terms of other absolute constants. He might also have realized that if the conductance constant were multiplied by the angular momentum of subatomic particles that it would give a value expressed in dimensions of distributed charge.

h * Cd = e.emax^2

where h is Planck’s “quantum of action” constant, and e.emax^2 is expressed in dimensions of coulombs squared. The value of e.emax^2 is greater than that of e^2, where e is the elementary charge. This simple observation would have led Einstein to the Unified Force Theory, which he spent most of his later years trying to discover.

Had Planck’s constant, the mass of the electron, the speed of light, and the Compton wavelength been known with the accuracy we have today, Planck’s constant would have acted as the Rosetta stone, which would have unlocked great mysteries in quantum physics. Today, Planck’s constant can be accurately expressed as:

h = m.e * w.C * c

where h is Planck’s constant, m.e is the mass of the electron, w.C is the Compton wavelength, and c is the speed of light. From the above equality, we can postulate that the mass of an electron is a quantum mass, the Compton wavelength is the quantum length, and the speed of light is the quantum velocity. Dividing c by w.C, we can deduce the result to be the quantum frequency.

c / w.C = F.q

where F.q is the quantum frequency.

“Quantum” is not necessarily the smallest piece of something, it is the smallest whole piece, which remains stable. So the quantum length and quantum frequency, if they are truly so, will be the length and frequency used by God to measure and build the physical Universe. They should be the rod and clock standards to which all existence is made. We can do a simple test to see if these are indeed the quantum length and frequency. We can factor all quantum constants by these quantum measurements and we should see a precise construction of the constants from them.

For example, let us take Coulomb’s constant.

k.C = m.e * w.C^3 * F.q^2 / 16pi^2 * e.emax^2

In the above equality, Coulomb’s constant is shown to be exactly constructed from the mass of the electron, quantum length cubed, quantum frequency squared, and strong charge of the electron (as shown above).

We can do the same thing for Newton’s gravitational constant.

G = w.C^3 * F.q^2/ m.a

Where G is the gravitational constant, and when G is factored by w.C^3 * F.q^2 then m.a is equal to 3.268 x 10^15 kg. This mass, when thoroughly examined, is the mass associated with the Aether. This mass, it turns out, is reciprocal mass. Just as time is linear, but its reciprocal is a cycle, mass is linear, but its reciprocal is also a cycle. And since mass is the dimension that when given a quantity measures inertia, the mass associated with the Aether is inertia that cycles between positive inertia and negative inertia. Thus, the net mass when measured is zero. We see reciprocal mass in mechanical devices, too. A steam engine piston cycles through positive inertia followed by negative inertia. The net inertia of the piston after one full cycle is zero. The same thing happens with the mass associated with the Aether.

It turns out that this mass associated with the Aether is not just floating around, isolated from other dimensions. This mass is part of a massive Gforce, which gave rise to the Aether. This Gforce is also the driver behind the three other forces of electrostatic force, electromagnetic force (same as strong force), and gravitational force. The so-called weak nuclear force is merely the proportion of electrostatic force to electromagnetic force. This Gforce has the quantum measurement structure of:

Gforce = m.a * w.C * F.q^2
Gforce = 1.210 x 10^44 newton

The Gforce is indeed a huge value. When we look at the gravitational constant in terms of Gforce, we get:

G = Gforce * w.C^2 / m.a^2

The Newton gravitational constant is equal to the Gforce acting on a quantum surface per quantum distributed Aether mass.

Just as the strong charge of the electron was found to be equal to the angular momentum of the electron (Planck’s constant) times the conductance of the Aether, we can determine the strong charge associated with the Aether in the same way:

e.a^2 = m.a * w.C * c * Cd
e.a^2 = 5.021 x 10^8 coul^2

And just as we expressed Coulomb’s constant in terms of electron mass and electron strong charge, we can do the same with the Aether mass and strong charge:

k.C = m.a * w.C^3 * F.q^2 / 16pi^2 * e.a^2

Now if we use the same structure as the equation with the Newton gravitational constant and Gforce, we would see how the Gforce produces the Aether unit constant:

A.u = Gforce * w.C^2 / e.a^2

The Aether unit relates to Coulomb’s constant as:

A.u = 16pi^2 * k.C

Just as the gravitational constant mediates the force between masses, and the Coulomb constant mediates the force between electrostatic charges, the Aether unit mediates the force between electromagnetic (strong) charges.

Look close at the equations for the gravitational constant and Aether unit constant. The equations are the same, except that gravitational constant is Gforce acting on surface per distributed mass and the Aether unit is equal to Gforce acting on surface per distributed charge. And since there is only one quantum length and one quantum frequency, and the angular momentum of the Aether or subatomic particle is essentially set by its mass, then the strong charge associated with any mass will always be directly proportional to the mass. This also means that the strong force will always be directly proportional to the gravitational force. This constant mass to strong charge ratio clearly states that strong charge is caused by angular momentum moving through the conductance of the Aether.

We can see from the above equation that Gforce acting upon surface per strong charge is what causes the Aether unit. And if the dimensions of the Aether unit are carefully examined, they are equal to the unit of rotating magnetic field. So a quantum unit of Aether is a quantum rotating magnetic field. By analyzing the Aether in terms of the masses of the electron and proton, we can deduce the geometrical structure of the Aether.

But what is important for now, is that the gravitational constant, which is directly a result of Gforce, mediates the gravitational force of all linear mass. Also, the Coulomb constant, which is a substructure of the Aether unit, mediates the electrostatic force. And of course, the strong force is mediated by the Aether unit, which is directly manifested by the Gforce.

Modern physics does not recognize the strong charge of the electron, nor does it recognize a strong force for the electron. And yet, the Casimir equation is the same thing as the strong force equation for the electron.

According to Hendrick Casimir, the Casimir equation is written as:

pi * h * c * A / 480 * L^4 = F

where h is Planck’s constant, c is the speed of light, A is the area of the plates the force is acting upon, L is the distance between the plates, and F is the resulting force. Who knows where Casimir got the value of 480 from? In 1996, Stephen Lamoreaux measured the Casimir force to within 5% of the predicted value. The numerical part of Casimir’s equation is suspect. We can see that the value of pi / 480 is 3.3% different from 16pi^2. Changing the pi / 480 term to 16pi^2 gets us closer to the measured value of the Casimir force. So by taking the special case of the Casimir force where the area is equal to the quantum length squared and the distance between the plates is also equal to the quantum length, we can rewrite Casimir’s expression as:

h * c * w.C^2 / 16pi^2 ^ w.C^4

Using the quantum measurements, we can devise a quantum unit of force equal to:

forc = m.e * w.C * F.q^2
forc = .034 newton

So Casimir’s equation can be written as:

h * c * w.C^2 / 16pi^2 ^ w.C^4 = 6.333 x 10^-3 forc

We can further modify the equation by replacing h * c / 16pi^2 with k.C * e.emax^2 and simplify to:

k.C * e.emax^2 / w.C^2 = 6.333 x 10^-3 forc

We can further replace the Coulomb constant with the Aether unit constant and get:

A.u * e.emax^2 / w.C^2 = forc

The last equation is the strong charge equation for the electron, which calculates the strong force between electrons. So, despite the denials of modern physics, the Casimir equation is, in fact, proof that the electron does experience the strong force.

But most important, we see that all the forces are unified through a single Gforce. And since the Gforce acts with the force of 1.210 x 10^44 newton of reciprocal force in each quantum of existence, and the entire physical Universe is made up of nearly infinite quantum Aether units, we could easily say that the Gforce is all powerful and all pervading. We could also say that the Gforce creates space-time, and thus creates the environment for subatomic particles, which are themselves the beginning of physical matter. We could also say that the Gforce is the one force that creates all the forces by acting on different aspects of subatomic existence.

If God is described as being the Creator of the physical world, and is said to be all powerful, all encompassing, and present in all creation, the Gforce could certainly be called “God”. And thus, we have mathematical equations, based upon empirical data, that offer very clear evidence that God did create the physical Universe and resides in that creation even today. So for those of you who ask to see the evidence of equations and empirical data that God created the physical, you now have it.

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