Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Higgs Boson (Field) is a Massive Fraud

Understanding the Higgs boson | Cutting Edge - CNET News:

This is absurdity to the extreme.  They are saying the Higgs is both a boson (particle) and field (space).  Now in addition to wave/particle duality we have space/particle duality.  An object can be both a thing and the space it occupies at the same time.  They have now defined space as matter, or at least as the source of matter.  Actually, what they have done is sunk deeper into the cloud of ignorance in order to justify spending billions of dollars on a failed experiment.

Let me also put it to you another way.  They are saying that some cosmic process is using cosmic construction paper for cutting out a particle that wastes more than 99% of the paper.  That is what a proton is to the Standard Model.  What happens to the rest of the Higgs field and why does it not affect macro matter if it can affect quantum matter?  When 1% of the Higgs is used to make a proton, what happens to the other 99%?

If that 99% produces another proton, then the Higgs obviously no longer has the mass discovered by CERN!  If that 99% does not produce a proton, it means there is a lot of unused Higgs field that can affect other protons.  The logic clearly does not work.

They have not only "discovered" a new particle, they have "discovered" a whole new reality that is nothing like the reality the rest of the world experiences.  

What's more, this Higgs field is said to be the source of mass.  Mass is a dimension, like length and time.  It is not a physical object.  Just look at any unit.  The unit of energy is equal to mass times length squared divided by time squared.  Mass is not a field any more than length is a field; or time is a field.  

When you see how big the CERN facility is and how many people work there, you can see that the outcome was predetermined.  A study should be commissioned The Hto examine how many people had to be demoted and fired in order for the data to produce positive results.  

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