Saturday, January 05, 2008

LIGO Can't See Gravity Waves

In a recent article on Space Daily:

"The interferometer is constructed in such a way that it can detect a change of less than a thousandth the diameter of an atomic nucleus in the lengths of the arms relative to each other.

"On February 1, 2007, the Konus-Wind, Integral, Messenger, and Swift gamma-ray satellites measured a short but intense outburst of energetic gamma rays originating in the direction of M31, the Andromeda galaxy, located 2.5 million light-years away. ...

"During the intense blast of gamma rays, known as GRB070201, the 4-km and 2-km gravitational-wave interferometers at the Hanford facility were in science mode and collecting data. They did not, however, measure any gravitational waves in the aftermath of the burst.

"That non-detection was itself significant.

"The burst had occurred along a line of sight that was consistent with it originating from one of Andromeda's spiral arms, and a binary coalescence event--the merger of two neutron stars or black holes, for example--was considered among the most likely explanations. Such a monumental cosmic event occurring in a nearby galaxy should have generated gravitational waves that would be easily measured by the ultrasensitive LIGO detectors.

"The absence of a gravitational-wave signal meant GRB070201 could not have originated in this way in Andromeda..."

The LIGO system is designed within a four-dimensional frame of reference. Yet the Aether, which gravitational waves propagate through, is a five-dimensional structure. It is like expecting someone looking through a standard video camera to see with three dimensional vision into a room. The video camera transforms the reality of the three dimensional (volume) room into a two-dimensional (area) perspective. For example, if through the video camera we wanted to see behind an object in our view, we cannot move our head sideways to look behind the object. We are limited to the position and design of the video camera.

Similarly, the LIGO system was designed by people who deny the existence of Aether and don't understand its five-dimensional (space-resonance) structure. This prevents the apparatus
(interferometer) from being designed properly and does not give the scientist the impetus to wonder what is behind the four-dimensional (space-time) world we see. The five-dimensional reality of the Aether looks upon our four-dimensional perspective much like our four-dimensional (space-time) perspective looks at a three-dimensional (area-time) TV monitor.

Being in a higher dimensional reality, we can see the limitations of lower dimensional reality, but lower dimensional reality must use its imagination to understand higher dimensional reality.

Isn't it amazing that instead of assuming or questioning the validity of their physics, the scientists simply assume there is something wrong with the Universe? They know there should be gravitational waves, but because they cannot detect them, they assume the gravitational waves are not there. Yet, the Sun shows us signs of gravitational waves over 100 times a year. These gravitational wave signatures are always associated with gamma ray bursts.

The Aether Physics Model is a properly quantified theory of the Aether, derived entirely from empirical measurements and constants. This theory clearly shows us that the Aether is non-material, five-dimensional, and very real. We even directly observe the behavior of the Aether as magnetic fields, electrostatic fields, gravitational fields, solitons, phonons, frame dragging, and other non-material phenomena. Scientists simply turn their backs on the Aether Physics Model because they have convinced themselves there is no Aether.

How did they convince themselves the Aether does not exist? They used an interferometer to prove the Aether does not exist. They use the same concept to attempt to detect gravity waves. And despite having their satellites in space for over two years, they have not yet detected a single gravity wave, which was predicted by Einstein's General Relativity theory.

The Aether Physics Model also supports the existence of gravity waves, but not in the four-dimensional reality that the interferometer is built. The gravity waves exist in space-resonance, which has three dimensions of length and two dimensions of frequency. Space resonance is the same reality the Aether and photons exist in.

It is interesting that the same device that was used to disprove the Aether cannot detect the gravity waves that General Relativity theory predicts, and General Relativity theory was supposed to explain the Universe without Aether. Now, because the LIGO interferometer cannot detect gravity waves associated with gamma ray bursts, it is assumed that gamma ray bursts do not produce gravity waves, even though we can clearly see a gravity wave signature in the solar x-ray flux data every time a gamma ray burst is detected. Modern science is clearly leading us head on into a brick wall.


clem clements said...

I just ordered your book but can't wait to ask about the connection between gamma rays and gravity. I may seem way off-base with these questions so pardon in advance:

is gravity the byproduct of gamma rays colliding with matter?

Or perhaps gamma rays colliding with gamma rays?

In your opinion what is the connection between gamma rays and gravity? Any help would be massively appreciated.

David Thomson said...

Hi Clem, Gravity is not directly connected with gamma rays.

Gravity is a force, gamma rays are photons. However, modern physics describes the ripple in space-time as "gravity waves."

It is my opinion that gravity waves and magnetic pulses are identical. Gravity waves (or magnetic pulses) are emitted by Supernova explosions at about the same time as gamma rays are.

Therefore, we should see evidence of both when a Supernova is witnessed.

David Thomson said...
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Eddymontana said...

Accident I am here, but think I know a piece you haven't considered. The backgroung radiation of the universe is the Aether of the universe that you are trying to describe. That measurement is known and quantifiable as well. The value is the remnant of the Big Bang, where gravity was over come by the other forces as described. The light began and put time into motion and gave light physical properties which we call matter. Matter is concentrated by gravity and thus bonding of the atomic/photon/electron and that which is even smaller into matter. Life is a great gift of this Aether.