Thursday, January 06, 2005

Latest on my Leg

Today I had surgery to remove the external fixator from my left leg. The surgery went well and the leg is not held together only be a cast. I donated the fixator to the surgeon's surgery clinic in Nigeria.

According to the doctor, the leg is now showing signs of bone healing. This is only two weeks since the last visit and x-rays showed no healing at all. Since that time, I flipped the magnet under my leg to have the south side up, practiced focusing thoughts of healing on the magnetically treated water before drinking it (similar to Masaru Emoto), and increased my protein intake.

I can't say just how much healing is taking place because the surgeon didn't take x-ray photographs. Instead, he used a tool that allowed live examination with x-rays. In any case, the healing is progressing and there is no infection. I go back for a checkup in about 10 days.

Thanks to all who have said prayers for me, as I'm sure that also helped with the healing.

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